No surprise at the GT86

Cologne, June 20, 2016

March 2016, Toyota has unveiled the face lifted GT86. The refresh was always necessary: since 2012 the small sports cars on the market, the demand in Germany is quite manageable. Therefore, the athlete from autumn 2016 is pepped up, especially optical: a larger grille, revised headlamps and a modified bumper are new front. Rear LED tail lamps light up, the alloy wheels get a different look. Now, the new prices are known.

From just under 30,000 euros

The most basic equipment, that the name "GT86 pure" hear, is now for 29.990 EUR instead of having 28.950 euro. The slightly better equipped normal GT86 roll for 31.750 euros from the showroom to the street. It remains the GT86 his fun approach with the two-liter-cleaner Boxer engine with 200 Horsepower and six-speed manual transmission. For an additional cost of 1,550 euros, there is an automatic transmission. But who would order a fun Cannon such as the GT86 with an automatic transmission?

The GT86 is too expensive

A point of criticism remains with the facelift. The GT86 in the direct competitive environment of the driving fun-oriented car is too expensive for just under 30,000 euros. For comparison: you get a Mazda MX-5 for almost 24,000 euros, the new Ford Fiesta ST200 for around 25,000 euros. Both make a lot of fun and look good. For what car Sin would you choose? (mf)