Nissan Kicks now for India

With the Kicks Nissan since 2016 is a cheerful, contoured cross-over in the range that the not to the Netherlands, but now to India. An interesting fact: on the Indian market, the Kicks are actually a completely different car.

The Kicks was in 2016 to the world proposed. The 4.3-meter-long cross-over state on NIssans V-platform, a base that we know from the Micra and so also of the previous generation of that car. To the extent that the international version of the Kicks that Nissan, among others, in large parts of South America and even the United States sells (photo 5 and 6). The car is now also available in India, but the Kicks are actually a different model.

At least, on paper. Although the Indian Kicks on the outside strong similarities with his already famous brother, go there, under the surface, another technique is hiding. The Kicks that just released for the Indian market is presented, on the B0 platform that Dacia also applies to the Duster. In India, Nissan is still a car with that technique in the order books: the Terrano, Terrano, in fact, simply a Duster with Nissan badges.

The Indian Kicks is 4,38 m long and thus longer than the already known version. He measures 1,81 metres in width and is 1,66 m high. Between the front and rear axle is located a distance of 2.67 feet, 6 inches more than the international Kicks. On the Indian motorenlijst come a 106 hp and 142 Nm is strong 1.5 and a 110 bhp 1.5 diesel.

The Kicks is not the only recent example of a car made by a manufacturer with a completely different technical basis on another market. Renault sells in Russia, and in parts of South America, namely, the Kaptur. The Kaptur seems to be on our Captur, but unlike the Captur, which in Europe you can buy, on the Duster platform (photograph 7 and 8).