Nio ES8: China-E-SUV with removable battery

Beijing, 19. December 2017

Already in April 2017, the Chinese E-car-Startup Nio its new SUV ES8 at the Shanghai Auto Show. Only now, however, the manufacturer comes with the complete package of news, data and prices around the corner. And it really is. You called the same time, the "Fail Days" in Beijing's great Basketball hall, the Cadillac Arena. What is presented Nio-founder William Li in there, must have made for plenty of Ecstasy among business partners and Fans of the brand.

Appearance and interior seem to fit

About the Design, we do not want to lose at this point, too many words. Of the nearly five-Meter-long box has a XXL wheelbase of 3.01 meters, offers therefore, also for the rear passengers, Royal space, and looks otherwise, as a modern Large-SUV just looks. What is striking is the Front, especially with their super narrow LED headlamps and the beefy intakes. Responsible for the look of the Nio design center in Munich under the direction of Kris Tomasson, by the way. Inside, there are very a lot of leather and a huge Display in the center console, which is reminiscent of Tesla. At least on the pictures it all makes a pretty good, even for spoiled Europeans appropriate impression. In the trunk, two folding seats, which are suitable rather for very small people or very short trips. Passenger can enjoy (extra charge), a Lounge chair with electrically extendable leg rest.

Artificial intelligence on Board

The first real Highlight on the Nio ES8 a small round screen, named Nomi, grinning at one of the center console down. Behind Nomi ("Know me") is artificial intelligence is how to know the Alexa, Siri, and co.. Say: Nomi is talking with the inmates, playing their favorite music, but also recognize the feelings of the passengers, and can respond to it. More convenient: when there Is rain, the System closes the large panoramic roof. Also nice: It gives the Delivery access to the trunk, if you have ordered a package. To do this, Nio will soon offer a cooperation with two corresponding service providers.

644 HP

The movement part of the new Nio ES8 also sounds bad at all. Chassis and body are made of aluminum, according to the manufacturer, the ES8 has a higher Aluminum content than any other production car. For ride comfort, an air suspension, which provides Continental. Responsible for providing propulsion: one electric motor on the front and on the rear axle with a system output of 644 HP and 840 Newton meters. According to the Nio-SUV has all-wheel drive. The acceleration from 0-100 km/h is done in 4.4 seconds. The maximum speed is 180 km/h, can be raised via boost function, but in the short term, to 200 km/h. Battery? A 70-kWh pack from VDA square cells, batteries, survival of 2,000 charging cycles. The reach is Nio 500 kilometers. However, if one is using a constant 60 km/h is wasting away. According to the NEDC cycle, the ES8 comes to 355 kilometers.

Level 3 is already

Autonomous Driving? A matter of honor. The Nio ES8 to master Level 3. Say: On the highway, he no longer needs you actually. For the corresponding data cameras, five radar sensors twelve ultrasonic sensors, a Trifocal camera (for better depth perception) and four outside to the front, as well as an additional camera that monitors the driver. Responsible for coordinating for the first time in a series production vehicle, the new EyeQ4-Chip from Mobileye.

Battery-removable in three minutes

Everything sounds up to this point is quite promising, the biggest ACE in the Sleeve of the Nio ES8 his novel charging infrastructure. What wanted to tackle, no manufacturer, to promote the Chinese are now in a big way. There is talk of changing batteries. From 2020, Nio, it should be-customers to exchange their empty batteries within three minutes for a full. Developed battery AC boxes, which need about as much space as three normal Parking spaces and always a handful of batteries in stock to provide for themselves.The requirement is calculated in real time, all the Nio-systems are networked and can be monitored online. From 2020 onwards, the manufacturer intends to install approximately 1,100 of such exchange boxes in China. A further Charge of Innovation, the so-called "power of mobile", the delivery truck with huge batteries, to be distributed throughout the country. You are obviously not in the position to push within ten minutes, around 100 km range in the ES8 battery. Here, too, the networking comes into play, because the Computer can distribute the mobile charging stations as needed.

The price is right, at least in China

Surely so much effort and Innovation costs a lot of money. And in the end it comes anyway, right? Um, no. The Nio ES8 will be available in China translated for 57.800 Euro and the already in the first half of 2018. Who ordered an ES8 with battery exchange package that is already 44.900 Euro, then has to pull the trigger, however, a monthly battery rental of 165 Euro. That Nio comes to Europe, is considered to be a foregone conclusion. A minimum of three years is likely to take but still.(sw)