New Volkswagen Bora in China

Much of the news out of China today and the Volkswagen Group is doing in that area quite a bundle in the pouch. Earlier this morning we met the Tayron and now we see a fully new Bora from all angles.

FAW-Volkswagen, in addition to SAIC-Volkswagen's second joint venture of Volkswagen in China, presented in early 2016, the new Bora, a car's long life was to be short-lived, as it appears today. Not even three years after its market introduction is FAW-Volkswagen with a new generation of Bora on the gpu.

Where the previous Chinese Bora are still on the PQ35 platform was placed, a base that we know of cars like the Golf VI and the second-generation Skoda Octavia, the new Bora, like the recently presented Lavida on the MQB platform. The new Bora is together with the CC, the Chinese Arteon, the only non-SUV from FAW-Volkswagen. SAIC-Volkswagen has on non-SUV area, a larger selection. That joint venture will not only sell the Phideon, but also the Passat (NMS), the Lamando, the Lavida and Gran Lavida.

The new Bora is 4,66 meters long, has a wheelbase of 2,69 m and 1,82 meters wide. The car is available with both a 1.4 with a 1.5 TSI. Switch comes with a manual zesbak or with a seven-speed DCT transmission. In a later stage we expect on this Bora-based C-Pull variant, a stationversie with cross-over decor. What format is this Bora, to compare with the new Jetta in the United States sells.