New track tool of the British

Woking (England), June 22, 2016

McLaren has the most hottest iron in the hyper sports-racing car fire with the P1 GTR. All copies of the mega-P1 are but unfortunately already sold out, friends well-kept Trackday cars from Woking must look around elsewhere. An alternative McLaren is now showing at the Festival of speed in Goodwood (23 to 26 June 2016): 570S Sprint.

Pure Trackday car

The 570S Sprint is designed as a pure Trackday car without approval and is therefore no special regulations of a certain race series. Optionally, a conversion kit for the GT4 category near-series is however available. The cooling system has been upgraded for track use. That the air is passed now targeted to a modified front bumper in the individual radiator. Also adorns the spoiler lip of the GT4-570 S new model. A large fixed carbon spoiler on the vehicle perched on the rear. The aerodynamic flap on the front are also made of carbon.

Slicks and Lufthebeanlage

To bring the 570 PS of the British toy safe and time-effective on the road, the 570S Sprint on magnesium wheels with central locking, Pirelli slicks were drawn to the rolls. A Lufthebeanlage is available surcharge, that service-friendly lifts the vehicle changing a wheel on three stamps, which extend from the underbody. The McLaren 570S Sprint will be available commencing in 2017 and cost approximately 193,000 euros. (mf)