New images and info for the next 3-series

Munich, 21. March 2018

Here you can see the brand new prototype images of the upcoming BMW 3-series (factory code: G20) that could debut in 2018 and beginning in 2019 on the market. Evolution is, by and Large, the keyword in terms of Design. He should be a little larger and wider, otherwise, the current 5-series based. At the rear, it will however be recognised for the first time, information on a new. Lights are meant to be the rear, which has fail at least on this prototype is significantly narrower than it was previously. The rear lights Design of the new BMW X4 could have been modeled. Inside, there is a first indication that a digital instrument display. A large infotainment system with voice - and gesture control is, however, as a set. Just like the last cry in terms of assistance systems and Autonomous Driving.

Up to 50 pounds lighter

Like his ancestors, the BMW 3 series in 2019, is expected to once again set the class Benchmark in terms of driving dynamics. The new, modular CLAR platform, which forms 2015 is in the 7-series debuted, and the Basis for all future BMW's from the 3 series up and it should help. Lightweight materials such as Aluminium or Magnesium should also lead to the new 3-series to a weight reduction of 40 to 50 pounds. In addition, the new base for alternative powertrains such as Plug is equipped-in Hybrids and pure electric drives. An electro-3P, we do not expect to be before 2020.

For the first time with M-Diesel

The currently well-known Three - and four-cylinder Diesel we will see of course in the new 3 series. The subtle leaps in Performance not excluded. Preliminary Top model of the three-liter six-cylinder M340i with the 360 HP. To him, BMW is for the first time, an M-Performance-Diesel in the Form of the M340d to the side. As in the X4 M40d, the six-cylinder should provide compression-ignition engine of 326 HP. It is quite possible that the 40s-models are delivered with four-wheel drive and automatic. The demand for the classic BMW combination of hand and switched the six-cylinder and rear-wheel drive is apparently declining sharply. For the first Time, the Munich could offer in the new 3-series also has two Plug-in Hybrids. To about 250 to 260 HP 330e could join, therefore, a weaker 325e.

New M3 with E-support?

For the ultimate in Performance is, of course, are also at the next 3 series to the M3. Also, he is already in the hot test phase. Prove that the erlk├Ânig images of a more aggressive shaped 3 series, with the obligatory four tailpipes. The 3.0-Liter twin-turbo six-cylinder will probably remain there. 500 HP seem to be conceivable. Whether we see here already a Form of electrical support in order to increase the performance and reduce the consumption, it remains to be seen.(sw)