New Honda CR-V: Hybrid instead of Diesel

Offenbach, 6. September 2017

Something like this is what is known as a "silent Star": in this country, rather inconspicuous active, Honda CR-V is the SUV considered to be a Bestseller par excellence. In the framework of the IAA 2017 (14. - 24. September), there is now an Outlook on the new model, which comes in in 2018 and to Europe.

Growth in length

A complete Surprise of the CR-V is the fifth Generation does not, and this for two reasons, however, the US was presented-Version in October 2016, but the Design continues the line of the predecessor. Honda says the new CR-V is wider, higher and longer. In fact, the US model is growing of 4.53 meters to 4.59 meters. Is spoken also of slim A-pillars.

Hybrid instead of Diesel

The true Revolution is taking place in the drive: In Europe, there will be a 1.5-litre turbo petrol engine with a manual six-speed transmission, optionally, a CVT transmission is available here. But Diesel lands on top of the siding. In its place, the CR-V Hybrid, Honda shows prototype at the IAA in 2017 approaches. The so-called i-MMD hybrid system consists of an electric drive motor, a two-liter, four-cylinder gasoline engine with Atkinson-cycle and a separate Generator.

The series will Premiere in the spring of 2018

A conventional transmission, it is not, but instead a single fixed driving stage, the making, according to Honda, a direct connection between the moving components. As a driving modes, electric"," Hybrid "and" motor drive "available". The manufacturer States that the CR will switch to-V Hybrid in the inner-city area, mostly between electric and hybrid drive, at higher speeds the engine drives directly to the wheels. In the hybrid drive, the gasoline engine supplies the Generator with mechanical power, the Generator, in turn, the resulting current to the electric drive motor. More Details will follow in the spring of 2018, then the production model for Europe will be unveiled at the Geneva auto salon.(rh)