New Golf GTI-Top model

Wolfsburg, 4. May 2018

The 2015 running racing series TCR has VW in its grip. With the Golf GTI TCR you admitted in 2016 and 2017 for the title. There's a with a lot of Motorsport-Pathos-charged special model is almost mandatory. And the comes now. The Golf GTI TCR is the new leader of the pack among the GTIs. Will be presented on the GTI-Meet at Wörthersee (9. to 12. May 2018). When you are sitting in now, all jittery and drooling in front of your keyboard/Tablet, then we recommend you Get back. 350 HP and a wing the size of lower Saxony (as in the TCR-race car) you should not expect the upcoming Top-of-the GTI. Sufficiently quickly and attractive, it is still.

370 Newton meters

The new Golf GTI TCR gets the EA888 engine including a particulate filter in a stage of expansion, with 290 HP and 370 Newton meters. So he is a little weaker than the Golf R (310 HP) or the Seat Leon Cupra (300 HP). However, the Super is allowed to drive GTI up to 264 km/h. At least, if you have to pay for it. To the Vmax abolition, even an Adaptive suspension and 19-inchers. As standard, the GTI TCR stands on 18-inch tyres. There are perforated brake discs and special calipers and pads. Thus, the front axle does not break from sheer power, equipped with the VW standard, a transverse barrier, such as in the GTI Performance. From the factory, a seven-speed DSG, on Board. Clean acoustic accompaniment of the optional Akrapovic titanium exhaust. In the Golf R, the part sounds absolutely excellent, but it also costs a small fortune.

More edges and Spoiler

Visually, the new GTI TCR may roar a little louder than usual. The air guide has been changed in the front apron, so that the water cooler from the Golf R in. Gloss black appliqués and additional Splitter to show the new potency. The fat essays to do on the side sills, the thicker rear diffuser and a larger roof spoiler. The color selection is limited in the classic GTI meaning to Red, White, Black and grey.

From The End Of 2018

In the Interior of the Golf GTI TCR, you can look forward to rennige micro fiber for the seats, door panels and gear lever. The steering Wheel to get markers for 3, 9 and 12 o'clock. Who takes, should maybe get out again. Typical GTI-red decoration, there are the belts and on the shift lever. In addition, the entry lamps shall provide the red and when you open the door, throw you to the outside mirrors via the projection of a TCR-Logo on the floor. The market launch of the new Golf GTI TCR is the end of 2018. Prices are not fixed yet. The normal Golf GTI starts currently 30.425 Euro.(sw)