New Details for the Honda CR-V

Frankfurt, 1. June 2018

The Honda CR-V tells you really what? This is understandable. Meanwhile, on the German market for almost 100 series in the area of SUV and off-road vehicles, because you can lose track of time. So: The CR-V is a SUV based on the Civic. And since almost exactly one year ago, the new Civic-ship-to-Generation, there will soon also be the appropriate SUV. The fair had its premiere on the CR-V in March 2018 at the Geneva auto salon, now there is more information.

A longer wheelbase for more space

The CR-V has been around since 1996. The new Generation is therefore already the fifth. The novice has a wheelbase with an overall length (4,61 meters) 40 mm more. To ensure, together with the 35 mm increased width for more interior room. In addition, the opening angle of the doors in the back is now slightly larger, which is not only the getting in and out, but also the Strap of a sprout in the children's seat should help.

Seven seater with turbo diesel

For the first time, the CR-V is now also available as a seven-seater. At the market launch in the autumn of 2018, this is the only version available. Here, the second seat can be up to 15 centimeters in the longitudinal direction of the move, the third-row seats can be folded down. Under the hood of the seven-seater gets the Civic's well-known 1.5-Liter turbo gasoline engine. In the hatchback it makes stately 182 HP.

Prolonged Storage Space

For the trunk there is a variable shelf. In the upper Position, a flat loading floor is formed. The seven-seater as 1.80 meters long objects invite, the five-seater, there are still three more inches. The stately 25 inches more than the expiring CR-V. The volume from 589 to 1.669 litre is likely to increase as well, but the values do not notify Honda. The rear passengers benefit from two USB ports to Charge cell phones and the like. Optionally, there is an automatically opening tailgate with adjustable opening height.

Five-seat Hybrid from the beginning of 2019

The five-seater follows the beginning of 2019. He will get a hybrid drive, while the Diesel is eliminated. In September 2017 at the IAA shown in the prototype had a two-liter gasoline engine, an electric drive motor and an additional electric machine working as a Generator. A single-stage gearbox. At city tempo you want the System to switch between electric and hybrid drive, while at higher speeds the internal combustion engine directly to the wheels drives. Speaking of the drive: so Far, there was the CR-V except with front-wheel drive with a four-wheel drive system. Whether this will be in the new versions, Honda open for the time being.(sl)