New cars Online: save Even more thanks to the eco-premium

Kempen, 18. August 2017

The so-called diesel scandal keeps the car world in suspense. Especially the private diesel drivers are insecure. Because they have bought your car and it will not be able to give different than most of the business back to the driver just after three years of the lease term. Therefore, many owners of a diesel vehicle, what is your car value, and whether or not they may in the future retract at all in any German city centre questions now. Awkward Questions! "But there is in this Chaos some good news," emphasises Hermann Josef Wolters, head of sales at new-car-and-forward platform with headquarters in the lower Rhine Kempen.

Funding programs with up to 10,000 Euro discount

Wolters says the "Diesel-scrapping or scrapping premium". It is the main result of the much-acclaimed "diesel summit" of policy and manufacturers. Most of the affected vendors have offered incentive programs to the purchase of a new vehicle. Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, BMW, Audi, Ford, Renault, Toyota and Porsche offer additional rewards. "It doesn't matter whether you decide as a buyer for a new vehicle, with petrol or diesel engine you can get up to $ 10,000 rebate," says Wolters. This Maximum, there are, for example, when buying a new VW Touareg or an Audi A6.

The prices will tumble

Because new cars are presented Online is always Top-discounts, resulting in a fall in prices on the Internet platform. "It is as attractive as ever, with our help, a new car purchase," says the sales Manager. "Anyone who has a desire vehicle, you can easily in the calculator or in the vehicle Configurator on the environmental premium is to be calculated." Immediately it should be clear how much money you can save.

Prerequisite: The old Diesel path must

The following requirements must be met in order to receive one of the bonuses of The old Diesel the emission standard, 1 to 4 must have (in the case of Ford, 1 to 3). The Car must be at least for six months to the buyer approved. And it must be certified to be scrapped.

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