Natural gas car with good facilities

Hanover, June 6, 2016

After the taste of Swabia and Scots, natural gas cars offer fun actually anyway. The reason is the cheap natural gas fuel. He is currently for about 1.03 euros per kilo. Because diesel per litre is hardly more expensive, barely lower fuel costs of natural gas with similar standard consumption can be expected. Perhaps still generate a purchase incentive, VW put on a new special model called his natural gas-Caddy. It's called Edition TGI and offers a lush for the class equipment at a reasonable price.

Over 600 kilometers with gas

Compared to diesel cars, natural gas models have a smaller range. For a natural gas car is the Caddy TGI with approximately 630 kilometres of good, which is the Caddy Maxi with 860 kilometres according to VW of even best in class. The long range through the standard consumption of 4.1 kg of natural gas per 100 kilometers and four gas tanks in the subsoil, which together cover 26 kilos is possible. At the Caddy, the five gas cylinders include Maxi 37 kilos, here is the standard consumption but slightly higher (4.3 kilos). The cargo area of the caddy of 3,200 litres (4.130 litres in the Caddy Maxi) remains unchanged can be used by the underground gas tanks. For the start and warm-up phase as well as mobility reserve there is a 13-litre fuel tank next to the gas tank.

Modified 1.4 TSI 110 HP

The 1.4-liter engine with 110 HP complies with the Euro 6 standard. A TSI gasoline engine cylinder heads and Camshafts and crankshaft, piston, pipes and valves for natural gas operation designed as a base. The engine control unit, the catalytic converter and exhaust gas turbochargers have been adjusted. The maximum torque of 200 nm reached the gas Caddy with 1,500 to 3,500 rpm. The maximum speed is 174 km/h with manual transmission and at 172 km/h with DSG.

Alloy wheels, Navi, and more

The standard equipment of the new Caddy Edition TGI includes a multi-function leather steering wheel as well as a leather shift knob and a leather hand brake lever. Series are also height-adjustable front seats with built-in drawers, a lumbar support for the driver's seat and the radio "Composition Audio". The car variant has also the navigation system "Discover media" with USB interface. Also 15-inch alloy wheels, side mirrors, door handles and bumpers in body colour are standard in this variant for private individuals. Prices start at 27.156 euro for the Caddy Edition TGI, with DSG, 29.179 euro are payable. You get a caddy 1.4 TGI Conceptline equipment from 23.473 euros. (sl)