My small colorful cactus

Cologne, June 29, 2016

Yes, this looks very like C4 cactus. But why should you change too big a recipe for success? Citroen C3 new Polo competitor borrows so the narrow daytime slots, the low-mounted headlamps or the hemdsärmelig Matt black body parts from the oblique big brother. And of course, it relies also on the now-famous "Airbump"-door panels. The new C3 in length by five centimeters grows with a 3.99 meter long. There are two centimeter increase in width, the trunk holds viable 300 litres.

Many colors, much individuality

But because a small car can be nowadays not only practical, but must be above all fallen and individual, the Configurator for the C3 is expanded mightily. Customers can select so a total of 36 color combinations and provided the roof, the mirror, the Airbumps and the fog lights with different patterns. And also in the Interior must not stick back with your own taste. The dash, door panels, or the steering wheel are customizable.

Comfort and less buttons

The issue of "Comfort" plays an increasingly important role in the small car class. For this reason, Citroën now installed the seats flat and known from the cactus and builds a simple and very clearly arranged instrument panel. Only a few conventional buttons are housed in it. The most important vehicle functions are controlled well as at the Cactus has a seven-inch touch screen with a new user interface.

The "Citroën ConnectedCAM" has everything in sight

In addition, the French manufacturer offers a HD Dashcam for the C3. What can the solid built camera called "Citroën ConnectedCAM", we would like to quote: "With the perfectly integrated onboard camera special moments in photos and videos be detained, exchanged through social networks or kept as a reminder." Since the generation Twitter cheers. But the camera has also a meaningful benefit: "the recording function of the camera is automatically activated In the event of a collision, then it stores a video by a minute and thirty seconds length (thirty seconds before and a minute later)", so Citroën.

Motors, gearboxes, launch, prices

Under the hood, offered three three-cylinder petrol engine with 110 HP, 68, 82, as well as two diesel with 75 and 100 HP. As standard, the manufacturer links the units with a manual transmission. On request, Citroën equips the C3 but also with a new six-speed automatic transmission. The launch will take place in October 2016. Prices has not called the manufacturer so far yet. We count with a base price of around 13,000 euros for the C3 with 68-HP entry petrol engine. (ml)