Mustang Bullitt for Europe

Geneva (Switzerland), 5. March 2018

This scene is legendary: for Ten minutes, Steve McQueen, alias Frank Bullitt returns to the wheel of his Ford Mustang Fastback GT is a car chase with two hit men in a Dodge Charger. Through the whole of San Francisco in Bullitt grind up the steep roads to serve him, jumps as the jump. Now Ford makes the myth of revival in the form of a special model of the new Mustang. The Premiere of the European version at the Geneva motor show (8. to 18. March 2018).

Disclosure by McQueen-grandson

Audience effect revealed Chase and Madison McQueen, the grandson of the 1980 deceased Hollywood Stars Bullitt the 2018er Mustang. Already at the beginning of January 2018 Ford had presented to the special sports car in Detroit, but now he comes to Europe. Many quotes to play on the movie car from 1968, about the saving seeds of chrome accents around the grille and the discs as well as the black Grill. Emblems are rare, and only in the middle of the rear of the Bullitt Logo appears.

A legendary Green

As a painting, a Black-and-sound, and the from the movie well-known "Dark Highland Green" choice. Add to that 19-inch wheels with red-painted Brembo brake calipers. Inside one optional Recaro sport seats, the green stitching and green accents on the interior. As a standard, a twelve-inch large digital cockpit and a numbered plaque on the passenger side.

The extra power of the V8

Chases should not provide the future owner of the new Bullitt Mustang, of course, theoretically you could but it. The performance of the five-liter V8 increases from 450 to 464 HP, the torque of the Film-Ford is 526 Newton-meters. Possible a intake manifold makes the with 87 mm diameter of the throttle valve and the calibration of the Shelby Mustang GT350. The new Mustang Bullitt is delivered exclusively with a manual six-speed gearbox, electronically, will be given when downshifting blipping. The shift knob is, like Steve McQueen as a white billiard ball.

Market launch in August 2018

Starting in may 2018, the Ford Mustang Bullitt can be ordered, then also the prices are known. As a first indicative value of 46,000 euros, the cost of the "normal" V8 a manual gearbox, 50,000 euros, the fun is not likely to go. The production for the European market will start in June, with deliveries to begin in August.(rh)