Move the 216,000 euro expensive luxury sports cars

Munich, November 12, 2015

" We have to provide six Bentleys, for a two-day ride to the hotel Stock in Zillertal. Will you be here? " What a question! For an exit with a Bentley ?? Whichever model ?? we just need to find time. And then in a spa hotel at its finest. So is the life of an auto journalists not only from and fall around to press events, waiting in stifling lounges and hours of shuttle busses to remote test track.

Jackpot: Continental GT Speed

After a check of the weather forecast we say. Wolfgang Oswald, CEO of Bentley Munich, pushes my company and me the key of a Continental GT Speed ​​in the hand ?? Jackpot! We get the two-door coupe with the most powerful engine, which you can get in a Bentley. His twelve cylinders and two turbochargers bring it to 635 hp. 820 Nm of torque will take us with always sufficient pressure only on the truck arms motorway Garmisch and then the picturesque Sylvensteinstausee passing in the idyllic Austrian Zillertal ?? and all that with radiant sunny autumn weather.

Very sovereign Sound

We start the engine and enjoy the glorious bubbling sound. Never intrusive, but always available and very confidently. We meander through the Munich traffic. The Bentley is really big, but since everything goes as if by itself, you forget that quickly. Finally we reach the highway, behind the junction for Starnberg loses the traffic. ?? Now times stepped gently on the accelerator effortlessly we shoot to 200 km / h.

Precious ceramic stopper

A transporter overtaken another, so back down on pace 110. We have ceramic brakes in our GT Speed ​​, which do their thing perfectly. When the track is clear again, kick-down: The eight-speed automatic returns, the sound is pretty rough, the thrust pushes us in the backs and we are already at 260 km / h.

Lace: 331 km / h

260 km / h, just like that. And it feels about as to how 160 " normal " in a car. To extend the top speed of 331 km / h is then too much traffic, but we are thrilled with what ease and litter equality we move forward. We are now driving even aware slowly, not least, to enjoy the symphony of wood and leather in the interior and beautiful adjust the hi-fi system bassy.

Communicative hydraulic steering

The perfectly working Navi leads us away from the motorway. Wonderful winding roads await us. Whether that make this giant of a coupe also fun? The answer is: yes! The hydraulic steering is wonderfully communicative, the chassis, now placed in the " Sport " mode can even imagine a little bit of road conditions and curve robbers goes ?? if you want. But actually you do not want that with such a Bentley.

Quickly drive: yes. Lawn: NO

We leave the jostling 911 behind us willingly a gap when his driver because of sudden oncoming traffic, we had somehow guessed, has miscalculated at a time when overtaking several cars and nearly einscheren ahead. This is exactly the difference: In Bentley to drive maybe quickly, but you can not rest.

The all-wheel drive are properly grip

The weight of 2.3 tonnes not realize the Continental by the way to ?? possibly how he fed on the street is. Thanks to the all-wheel drive ( with a 40: designed more hecklastig 60 - force distribution ), there are astonishing grip and propulsion masse out of every corner. It is interesting how little the car tends to side. Simply adjusting the air suspension push on the touch screen to the far right ( where " Sport " is ) and begin to be amazed. But the speed is also located ten millimeters lower than the normal Continental, has optimized camber values ​​and is tuned a bit stiffer.

Price: from 216,000 euros

Of course you have to so a Bentley can afford only once. He suggests having at least 216,000 Euros to the price, at our test car were a few thousand more. Nevertheless: Too bad, the journey from Munich to the five-star hotel Stock resort in the Zillertal Alps takes just two hours. Once there, we will, however, compensated in the best possible: The hotel is not for nothing the reputation of the best luxury, wellness and sport hotel in Tyrol to be.

Luxury, wellness and sports

Family Stock it does not take to receive the Bentley entourage personally in Finkenberg. After an interesting guided tour of the hotel complex, which consists of several buildings, is clear to us that wellness fans, sports natures, gourmet and not least families are in good hands with children of all ages here.

5,000 square meter Spa

So there is a 5,000 square meter Spa and ?? What impressed us the most ?? on one of the building roofs a stylish, heated outdoor swimming pool, which is open all year round. Trained staff will take care of the little ones while the big ones are on the road, for example, with free mountain bikes. At noon there is a rapid, but super delicious buffet. And in the evening it is then to enjoy the service of the attentive staff and feast, there's no tomorrow.

Focus on inner values

Wolfgang Oswald, who sent his Bentleys from the email Showroom at the Munich Moosacher street, accompanied the group to the STOCK Resort and summed up aptly: " When I'm the Bentley - quality compare with the STOCK resorts: Both have a great success story, put both inner values ​​and both do just fine! "

Man happy to come back

The Hotel - founder Barbara and Josef Stock to stay with this image: "Guest or passenger must feel comfortable and pampered feel we as hoteliers have continued to develop the desire for health and relaxation, as well as by relaxing activities for decades, the most important thing is for. . us that the guest upon departure says: I would stay here again Just as the Bentley driver well always like einsteigt ". . The remains nothing more to say ?? (ph)