More than more Horsepower

Cologne, 10 June 2016

More power for the 90s models: Volvo S90 and V90 can be more fun and dynamic trim is future by optimizing performance. It involves more than mere performance increase: Volvos of in-house tuner PoleStar optimizes the entire powertrain.

Better response

First of all, the modification on the top diesel D5 is limited. He usually 235 horsepower and brings 480 Newton metres. This are after the power 240 HP and 500 Newton metres if you can tell, the question is very. In addition, but also response and switching speed and precision of the eight-speed automatic transmission can be improved. Standard consumption and exhaust gas values should not deteriorate in comparison to the production models.

1,200 euros plus Workshop costs

Performance tuning for the diesel D5 in the S90 and V90 is available July 2016. The cost is each 1.199 euro plus Workshop costs. The manufacturer's warranty is maintained. (sl)