More coolness, please

Marseille (France), 23 February 2016

These are the first pictures of the new Renault Scénic. The fourth generation over 20 years after Renault has the minivan segment in Europe with the first Scénic according to his own statement, will be presented at the Geneva Auto Show 2016 (March 3 to 13). With the boring image of van, the new Scénic wants to have nothing more to do. Instead he steals to revamp once by the Renault Toolkit (currently sure isn't the worst idea), but it did to him as a role model of especially the new Espace. Like this, the Scénic participated in SUV-crossover teaching seem quite attentive. Let more ground clearance, shorter overhangs and a wider track, gigantic 20-incher, a very large windshield rather cool compulsively virtually act as the Scénic look.

More space, less weight

Renault will announce at the Geneva show only the technical data and further details. However, it is assumed that the Scénic about will get the same Turbo petrol and diesel, as the new Mégane. A hybrid might be in the pipeline. Inside, we expect Renault's latest generation of Infotainment with large touchscreen, a comprehensive programme of assistance systems as well as a retractable seating system and perhaps even the famous picnic tables. Thanks to the new platform and more wheelbase is likely space increase and decrease the weight. To the new Scénic there more then early March in Geneva. (black & white)