More bite for Cayman and Boxster

Lennestadt, 14. July 2017

With the new four-cylinder turbo engines, the smallest of the Zuffenhausen-based company is the model number 718 are as strong as ever. Depending on the engine displacement is 300 or 350 HP. Something more dynamic is always, or? Visually and driving dynamics, more bite, promise now, specifically on the chassis of the Porsche Cayman and the Boxster-tuned sport springs.

30 or 20 mm deep for 305 Euro

The suspension specialists of H&R now have developed a spring kit that attaches to the Chassis of the Porsche-vehicles up to 30 mm deep (20 mm, if the adaptive suspension is fitted to PASM by Porsche). On the rest of travel and the suitability for everyday use should not affect the conversion according to manufacturer. The new spring characteristic and the focus of lowering the Cayman and Boxster but turn out as a true curve of stars, H&R sport springs-specific reports are now available for 305 Euro, inclusive of vehicle available.

Wheel spacers from 103 Euro

There is a trace of individual and sporty Cayman and Boxster before driving, when the wheels are closer to the wheel arch edges. This Trak+"wheel spacers, which are from ten to 36 mm per axis available". Point costs? From 103 Euro.(ml)