Modular in Swedish

Cologne, 12 August 2014

In two weeks time has finally come, the new Volvo XC90 is revealed. For the brand an important car, because with the large SUV Volvo launches in the future. That makes now the last appetizer before the premiere considerably.

This is the Hammer

The photo shows a headlight of the XC90, including the daytime running lights for the first time. The latter is T - shaped and was called within the design team " Thor's Hammer". The actual hammer, at least for Volvo, is the modular platform SPA. This is based on a similar modular system like VW: Only the distance from the front axle to the pedals is statically defined, the rest is scalable. Everyone benefits: The designers get more room, the technician can optimize the weight distribution and the controller are pleased with components that are used in several series.

Hybrid for the tip

The entire Volvo model range can continue to build on the same interfaces and components and are manufactured on the same band. Four years engineers have been working on the SPA platform, it forms the cornerstone of the transformation plan with a volume of eleven billion dollars. And what does the new Volvo XC90 offer? According to the manufacturer a reduced weight as well as seats in the third row of up to 1.70 meters long people. It is powered by the new petrol and diesel four-cylinder, two-liter displacement and various charges. In the top model XC90 T8 a gasoline engine with turbo and supercharger is combined with an electric motor. This plug-in hybrid will come to 400 hp and 60 grams of CO2. ( rh )