Model S now drives itself

Palo Alto ( USA ), October 15, 2015

Now they drive so even by itself. Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave the hype about the E - mark today fresh feed, in which he announced a new software update at a press conference in the US, making it the Model S sedan now allowed to autonomously drive. At least a little.

Almost by itself

The software update called " autopilot " will initially be offered only in the US and was played the Model S owners virtually overnight on their car. For Europe, it should follow. Before quite exactly a year ?? October 2014 ?? Tesla began to equip its Model S with the necessary hardware for the autonomous driving around. These include a front camera, radar and ultrasonic sensors and an electronic brake. With the recent software update, version 7.0, Tesla now allows over 60,000 copies of its Model S to keep even the track as well as the distance to the vehicle ahead. With the indicator is also independent lane change are there. In addition, the car takes control over the brake in order to help eliminate frontal and lateral accidents. And it parked a saying. All these features will naturally also receive the new crossover model X.

No steering wheels, without pedals

Elon Musk points out, however, that this first update was merely a " beta " version. Fully autonomous cars are still miles " a few years ". For safety reasons one should so control the hold anyway. The responsibility lies still the driver. Musk added that it was important for the owners " at this early stage to be careful. But one day there will be no steering wheels and pedals more. You call the car your goal and it drives you there. "

Better than humans

The new software will not work on all the roads properly. Is the allocation of marks unclear, it will be difficult. However, Musk said: " In situations with heavy traffic, it is a true blessing in slow-moving traffic jams it works super well, almost to the point where you can take your hands off the wheel. . " Furthermore, Tesla will gather and work up information from the previously equipped vehicles. So to learn and constantly improve the system. Over the years it will surpass even the driving abilities of an ordinary mortal according Musk. " In the long run it will be much better places than one person. They are a system which has eight cameras and radar and ultrasonic sensors, never gets tired, drank nothing or not with anyone arguing in the car. "

Completely autonomous 2018

The module for autonomous driving costs uniquely 2,500 US dollars (about 2,180 euros ) and can not be retrofitted into earlier Tesla because the " would financially do not make sense ." When asked about the future of the self-driving cars, says Musk that a fully autonomous Tesla will be on the road within the next three years. Regulatory schemes could make a spanner in the works of the self-confident electro pioneer here, however. Finally, no one really knows how to deal with legal issues in the topic of " autonomous driving ". This involves Tesla iota different than Mercedes, BMW or Audi, that also operate with high pressure on driverless driving. Who makes the race first, remains one of the most exciting questions in the automotive industry . ( sw )