Mobile phone parking, ear protection during a crash ...

Stuttgart, July 8, 2015

This is a very first art view of the forthcoming Mercedes E - class and so much was ever anticipated: When the Swabian business sedan goes on sale in spring 2016, probably the most demanding customers quite tremble with the ears. By that I mean specifically not the design, the quality of the interior, or drivability, because so far we do not know how the W series 213 looks ( externally well as an inflated C - Class, inside more like a shrunken S - class ), nor how well they can be controlled. For this, we now know how the next E-Class will deal with the issues of safety, stress reduction and autonomous driving. And here they trumped 7 Series ( with partly very unusual acting solutions ) even full-size cars like the S-Class or the new BMW.

Sensors until you drop

If even our own engineers often come out of step with the name of the felt 489 assistance systems, you know that something has to be offered. To simplify the whole thing: Everything that has something to do with the new E-Class with driving aids, is now managed by the fourth generation " Intelligent Drive ". We counted a total of 13 sensors, five radar sensors, five cameras and a very clever computer that receives the vast amount of information and processes useful.

fairly autonomous

A completely new feature that the distance pilot ?? similar to the BMW 7 ?? now decelerates to speeds of 200 km / h accelerated and are steering assistance. Up to 130 km / h, the power steering works even without a clear line on the tarmac, as we know that, for example, from construction sites. Drive option in the future so only partially self-namely whether. On the highway, the highway or in the city Because the legislature here has a lot of abdominal pain, but the hands must remain in the new E-Class at the wheel. For the E - class driver must no longer worry about speed limits, because the traffic signs recognition regulates the speed now automatically a.

Brakes than ever

For King of the ( semi-) autonomous driving new business-Benz finally by a massive expansion of its Brake Assist. The product may also cross-traffic, which is intended to prevent up to a speed of 70 km / h accidents at intersections. If you hurtling up to 90 km / h to a traffic jam, you have nothing to fear in the future also. Collisions with stationary vehicles or pedestrians can be up to 65 km / h prevented. And then there's a novelty called evasive steering assistant, the steers a little sharper and the car then just restores, if not avoid a pedestrian or an obstacle strongly enough. Advanced also be Lane Keeping Assist and Blind Spot Assist, which can now take corrective action when a risk of collision, such as when changing lanes or oncoming traffic.

Astray preventive safety functions

If, despite all the extremely clever technology but times come to the crash, it is in the new E-Class only really wild. So in a positive sense, of course. The Pre-Safe system, which pushes the driver in a crash in the correct sitting position, the sunroof closes et cetera, although there are already more than a decade now but it will be extended to quite mistaken way. The Beltbag for the outer rear passengers, we already know from the S-Class. What is new is that the seat cheek closer to the door located pyrotechnically inflate in a side collision and the occupants so carried away a few centimeters away from the danger zone. Especially on the side of the vehicle may knautschzonenarmen a bit more " air ", with important benefits

Hearing protection in an accident

More than conserve to save the third novelty called Pre-Safe Sound. If you are not a otolaryngologist, then now please listen carefully, because here you can learn something: A " Stapedius " called muscle in the ear, takes place at loud noises ( you may know, as can be noisy an accident ) reflexively together, kurrzeitig changes the coupling of the eardrum to the inner ear and protecting it against high sound pressure levels. The E-Class uses this reflex and plays before a crash via the sound system a short noise a. So your ear is preconditioned and reduces the burden of hearing. Well, it sounds like the most useless feature of the decade, but at least the E-Class will be officially for tinnitus - free zone.

Warn other road users with Car-to-X

We move away again from the horror scenario "own accident" and we believe that you have discovered turning a blind another collision, a sudden traffic jam or the like. If you are a kind person, you want to other road users might like to warn and Mercedes gives them for the first time the technology for the hand. In principle, you do not even have to be particularly kind, because the so-called Car-to-X technology transmits (and receives) these warnings also automatically. Car-to-X works on integrated in vehicle mobile technology. From there, the data goes to Daimler Vehicle-backend server that sorted out the relevant information and forwards it to other car-to-X-capable road users. Even hazards like-winding bad weather fronts are displayed. In the future, you want to also receive information of approaching emergency vehicles. Mercedes is the first manufacturer of Car-to-X introduces. It expects, however, that other vehicle manufacturers will follow suit.

Improved LED light

This allows you out of sheer innovation not tip us off the chair, only two small but quite drastic E - class innovations. The first concerns the light that future with 84 acts for maximum illumination instead of 24 LEDs per headlamp. Each of these is electronically controlled, which should guarantee a significantly more complete road illumination without blinding oncoming traffic. In addition to the rain reflections are reduced to the oncoming lane. To the comfort of other road users to the rear lights, which glow brightly differently depending on driving conditions or time of day care. At night, at the traffic light, the intensity is, for example, scaled down so as not to irritate the man behind.

Key? Smartphone!

Let's come to a point, which should delight especially the " typical " E - class drivers under 30. The fifth generation is in fact integrate their own smart phone in an unusual occurrence So it will be possible to open the car by mobile phone, to close and restart. This can not open, close or start any e-class, an NFC interface ( Near Field Communication ) and a secure SIM card are required. The new " smart keys " also collects individual settings such as seat position or station selection.

Parking with your mobile phone

And, believe it or not, even when parking will continue staring into their Smartphone. As BMW recently with the 7 Series, the first production car in the world presented that can park without anyone sitting in the car, many people were stunned. Now, the E-Class even here it one. You can not only transversely but also in parallel parking spaces. The control of the autonomous parking process via smartphone app. With a circular motion on the screen to send the car going, stop fingers from the phone and the car. Funny Parkanekdote the way: Even people who like to forward and reverse gears confused ( ie preferred customers in the classic limousine age ) makes the new E-Class the rampage finishing off. Detects so a garage wall, the not so compatible with all the engaged gear, she drives off not even.

Just the beginning

Of course, most of this new assistance and comfort features for the market launch in spring 2016 are available at an additional cost, but Mercedes does with the upcoming E-Class a huge step towards autonomous and accident-free driving. The new BMW 5 Series comes incidentally see 2017. Let's see how the Munich reply. The technology overkill has only just begun . ( sw )