Mitsuoka adds Rock Star to line-up

The crazy Japanese Mitsuoka, we know of cars like the Viewt and the Orochi, and now the brand has a new model to its line-up added: the Rock Star.

Mitsuoka brought us the past few years, remarkable and distinctive creations as the Viewt, which is essentially a Nissan Micra which is vermond as a Jaguar Mk 2. The small manufacturer had, until recently, the very remarkable lined Orochi on the menu, and currently yields only the already mentioned Viewt, the Ryugi, the Viewt Cutie Hatchback and Himiko. That last is basically a Mazda MX-5 that the carriage is wearing a classic roadster. Mitsuoka comes now with a new member on the stick, the Rock Star.

Just like the Himiko is the Rock Star in the Mazda MX-5 of the current generation, but that would not tell you if you have the car so will see. The Rock Star is in fact an MX-5 which does its best on a Chevrolet Corvette Convertible (C2) to appear. There pass the small homeless Mazda, incidentally, quite good.

The car gets a completely new front, so to speak, now has round headlights, round achterlichtjes and is around chrome bumpers. The hood is completely new and also the for and screens seem to deviate from the standaardexemplaren. The interior is not adjusted. Of motor adjustments is not the case.