Mitsubishi Allroads Ronin by Vilner

Sofia (Bulgaria), 20. February 2018

You are in the mood for any amount of light brown leather, and a dashboard that looks like carved, and a hand brake lever, the sword resembles the handle of a Samurai? Then you are ripe for this car, the Mitsubishi Allroads Ronin. The Bulgarian individualization in man, Atanas Vilner calls his Version of a Mitsubishi Lancer.

A ronin on four wheels

The Basis of a Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart 2011. Connoisseurs know that it is a kind of Light Version of the Lancer Evo. You had a 240-horsepower two-liter Turbo, all-wheel drive and dual clutch transmission (TC-SST Twin Clutch Sportronic Shift Transmission). The Vilner used nickname Ronin is a Japanese term for a Samurai who has lost his Liege Lord. So many references are to be found in the car of the Japanese warriors.

Japanese Amaretta instead of Italian Alcantara

Of a Samurai-armor (Dōmaru) are inspired by the motifs on the inside. The Material looks like wood marquetry, however, consists of specially treated suede. For the seat center panels Vilner has chosen Alcantara, but Amaretta, a similar synthetic leather made in Japan. On the dashboard veneer dominates with highlighting of the wood structure. The brown safety fit belts.

Moldings in the style of Samurai swords

To tones as a contrast to the warm brown of the metal to be used for accents. So there is on the inside of metallized plastic strips, which are reminiscent of the Katana, a curved long sword of the Samurai. The hand brake lever is similar to the Grill of such a Samurai sword. Optically cooling the bluish light from the instruments, which are held according to Vilner in the "Ferrari-style".

Ornaments in the sky

The roof shows on the inside of the sky the same black and white Ornament pattern. The silver-painted car also had the black part of the foil and a few red accents on the Front. The red five spoke rims, to fit. They rotate in the wheel arches, which have been highlighted with black plastic. Belongs to the technical modifications, a lowered suspension by 20 mm. In addition, the sound insulation was improved. Not less than 35 pounds, were installed in insulating materials. In order to make the Infotainment up to date, was installed for a Eleven-inch touch screen and the Lancer received a "brutally efficient LEDs", that is to say, the Ronin was awarded High-Tech headlights.

A Samurai with style?

Vilner has given the Lancer is obviously a lot of effort. And the end result? We leave it to you to decide whether the Whole thing is now a Prime example of bad taste or, as Vilner says, "a car that will chop the competition into pieces. With Style."(sl)