Mini with a personal touch

Munich, 27. December 2017

Actually, the Mini is already a dream for every customer who likes it is totally individual. Soon, however, it can drive the owner of a to, five-door and convertible on the top. 2018 Mini launches a program called "Yours Customised".

As you like it

What is behind "Yours Customised"? It is a factory option that selected retrofit products with a self-selected Design and to transform the own vehicle in a personally designed unique. The product program of Yours Customised includes as a "Side Scuttles" known side turn signal inserts, decorative trim for the passenger side in the interior, LED door sills and LED T├╝rprojektoren. These aftermarket parts can be designed to be selected by the customer in a specially new designed Online store, and ordered, with Mini sets certain limits in terms of content or pattern. But the own signature, for example, is not a Problem. The production of individualized products is then carried out with different procedures for 3D printing, and laser marking. For the delivery of Mini-plans two to four weeks.

Affordable Fun

The parts are so designed that they can then be used by the customers in-house or from a Mini dealer integrated into the vehicle. This can make the customer as often as you like. This ensures that the products can be exchanged in the case of a subsequent sale of the vehicle just as easily. The offer is in the course of the year 2018 in Europe and other major markets. And what does it cost? This depends on the selected accessories, in the Mediterranean but around 150 Euro.(rh)