Mild hybrid Kia

Frankfurt/Main, 16. May 2018

Kia will bring this year, its first 48-Volt Diesel mild hybrid to the market. Premiere celebrates the new drive system called the "EcoDynamic+" in the revamped Kia Sportage, which will be starting in the third quarter, available as a two-liter Diesel with eight-speed automatic and all-wheel drive. In 2019 the use of the Kia Ceed, the third Generation comes out this summer on the market.

Battery plus Generator

The diesel engine is complemented with the mild-hybrid powertrain from Kia by a 48-Volt System. The three Central components are a compact Lithium-ion battery (capacity: 0,46 kilowatt-hours), a powerful mild hybrid starter generator (MHSG), and a DC-DC Converter for energy exchange between the two on-Board networks (48V/12V). The starter generator is connected via a belt connected to the crankshaft and mobilized an electrical power of up to 10 kilowatts. As a result, this electric motor can support the combustion engine in many driving situations. If the unit works as a Generator, and also enables energy recuperation.

Boosting and Save

In the drive mode of the starter generator is supported as an electric motor, the diesel engine. Under hard acceleration the E-Motor additional torque, while it decreases at the light to Accelerate the combustion and thus the engine load and fuel consumption reduced. In the charging mode of the starter generator during braking, and converts, going downhill or Coasting on a traffic light, the thus obtained kinetic energy into electrical which is then stored in the 48-Volt battery. During 12-can off-voltage Start-stop systems, the internal combustion engine only in the state, the new 48-Volt mild hybrid by Kia's stop-Start function also in the driving operation. If the battery is sufficiently charged, when you Roll out, or the Motor brake turned off automatically. As soon as the driver actuates the accelerator pedal, turn on the gas immediately and almost imperceptibly.

Manageable Consumption Advantage

The mild hybrid system, according to Kia, with comparatively little effort in the existing architecture of a drive train to integrate, because the 48-Volt battery be positioned according to the model under the Luggage compartment floor. In addition, in this drive system the 12-Volt battery can be significantly smaller than usual because of the 48-Volt battery is fed with energy demand in the 12-Volt on-Board network. And what is the saving effect of the Whole? According to Kia the CO2 to reduce emissions under the new test cycle WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure), up to four percent. In addition to the 48-Volt System, the "EcoDynamics+includes"Diesel, a modern SCR-exhaust gas cleaning system.

48 Volt for gasoline

The technology can be Kia, with manual and automatic transmissions combine and can be used in Front-, rear - and all-wheel drive. The manufacturer plans to in addition, the 48 Volt hybridization, also for models with petrol engine. By 2025, Kia wants to expand its range of electrified vehicles to a total of 16 models, including five Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrids and battery-electric vehicles and fuel-cell vehicle, which will be introduced in 2020.(rh)