Mercedes - Maybach and new names

Stuttgart / Sindelfingen, November 11, 2014

News from the Star: When Mercedes future there will be two changes in the brand world. First, at the Stuttgart carmaker 's luxury sub - brand called Maybach is resumed in the program, and secondly to obtain a new and clearer nomenclature the ever-growing model portfolio and drive.

The Maybach History

The Maybach built from 1921 to 1941 luxurious automobiles on their own. 1960 took over Daimler - Benz (now Daimler AG ), the company and let it rest until the year 2000. Then, the Group announced the revival. Two years later, finally, the first Maybach 57 and 62 were delivered to customers. The high development costs and the sluggish sales were the old brand new 2012 's undoing. An estimated 300,000 euros loss made ​​Maybach Mercedes - per sold vehicle. So should find no more use from 2013 the name Maybach.

Revival on S - Class Base

Now the U-turn: In November 2014, the new Mercedes - Maybach S 600 will have its premiere at the Auto Show in Los Angeles. It is an S - class, which was extended in wheelbase and more space and comfort should provide in the rear than the conventional long version. In the " short " series flagship model S 600 currently carries a six-liter V12 with 530 PS his work. This unit could be adequately help thrust also the new Maybach. There are prices still no information, the predecessor Maybach cost at least 390,201 euros.

Innovation, the Second

The second innovation is introduced at the beginning of 2015 and relates to customers who do not want to invest the value of a family home in a car: the adaptation of the vehicle and additional names to the growing model and driving range.

New model designations

Remember the five " core character" of the model series are getting " A", " B ", " C ", " E " and " S ". All SUV models now get the advanced supplementary " GL " four-door coupe " CL " and Roadster " SL ". Examples? A Mercedes GLE is thus an SUV based on the E - class and the Mercedes ML earlier. Analogously, a SLC Roadster on a C - class - based, so the previous SLK. Only the G - Class and SL fall by their iconic status in the future from the nomenclature grid.

New drive designations

Not only that, the drive types are newly bebuchstabt: " BlueTEC " and " CDI " are passé and a diesel engine can be seen soon at a small " d ". " e" is then available for models with plug-in hybrid, " c " for gas operation, " f " for the fuel cell and " h " for hybrid variants without external loading facility. Furthermore, without additional letter remain the classic models with gasoline engines . (ml)