Mercedes Concept EQA

Frankfurt, 12. September 2017

With the Concept EQA Mercedes shows at the IAA (14. - 24. September 2017), the way an electric car in the compact class to imagine.

All-wheel drive with two electric motors

The EQA has two electric motors, the system performance can be, depending on the interpretation of up to 200 kW (272 HP). The maximum torque of 500 Newton meters. The Tempo-100-Sprint electric-Athlete done in about five seconds. The E-machine drives the front and rear axles, providing permanent four-wheel drive. On the selection of the driving mode (Sport or Sport Plus, Eco or Comfort mode, the car is not) can engage the driver in the moment distribution. Which driving program is selected, it signals the study to the outside: The Black-Panel surface at the Front shows in Sport mode, a blue cross slat, in Sport Plus, however, the red vertical struts, as in the case of a pan-American Grill à la Mercedes-AMG GT R

Up to 400 km range

The battery is installed in the vehicle floor between the axles. About 60 kilowatt-hours of battery capacity can be installed. Thus, the range is up to 400 kilometers. The Lithium-ion battery is not based on the standard cylindrical cells, but Pouch cells. Built the battery from the Daimler subsidiary Accumotive. To charge it is via induction, or Wallbox. At a fast charging station can recharge in less than ten minutes, so much power, that a range of 100 kilometers. A "Mercedes me"-based Service will allow to upload easily to the wide variety of charging stations and electricity to pay.

Laser fiber instead of LEDs

The car has class with 4.29 metres and 1.43 metre in width is pretty much the extent of today's A-. The very smooth body surfaces are painted in silver. To contrast with the black panoramic glass roof, the black hood and the black Black Panel surfaces. Slightly flared wheel arches to accommodate 20-inch wheels. The headlights are seamlessly embedded in the Black Panel Grill. A blue line, which swings from the headlights down into the bumper, the daytime running lights. The headlights and tail lights work with LEDs, but with a novel laser fiber technology. A laser is embedded in the active Medium in a light guide. This lighting technology allows a particularly homogeneous illumination of the road, Mercedes. In addition, the Designer can realize delicate forms such as the spiral-shaped light signet of the EQA.

Ten EQ-cars by 2022

The brand EQ (Electric Intelligence) is not just for electric cars, but also for wall boxes and charging services. Also energy storage for households, with its own photovoltaic system to be offered. The first EQ as a model in 2016, at the Paris auto show: a coupe SUV called the Concept of EQ. It is to go first EQ-vehicle by 2019 as an EQC in the series. The EQA could follow. By 2022, Mercedes will bring more than ten fully-electric vehicles on the market. A further EQ-study on the Smart booth in Frankfurt to see the Smart Vision EQ Fortwo. The self-driving car shows the future of car sharing. Also here is a Black Panel in the Front an important role in the communication with the outside world.(sl)