Mercedes concept A sedan: A class Outlook

Shanghai (China), 18 April 2017

You can argue about the look, but the success is quite the Mercedes designers: over two million vehicles of a class and their offshoots such as CLA and GLA have been sold worldwide since 2012. In the framework of the exhibition 'Auto Shanghai' (19-29 April 2017) the study "Concept A Sedan" dares a quite specific views on the future of the a-class family.

CLA, or something else?

More, but would have to say on the next CLA, as the notchback sedan is strongly reminiscent of the little brother of the CLS. But also a targeted limousine variant is possible, as it already practiced BMW with the front-drive 1 Series Sedan in China. Let's take a look at the dimensions of the Mercedes concept A sedan: the study is 4.57 metres long, 1.87 meters wide and 1.46 meters high. Thus, it is seven centimeters shorter, ten centimetres wide and three centimeters higher (!) as the current CLA.

Less is more

Chief Designer at Mercedes Gorden Wagener makes it clear that the time of the wild edge and surrounds the compact car with star is over: "Form and body remain, if extremely reduced beading and lines." The similarity of the concept is striking A sedan with the beginning March 2017 in Geneva the Mercedes-AMG GT concept. The red paint that may be owed, but the so-called "Pan Americana Grill" with vertical bars (a quote of the racing version of the legendary 300 SL) and the almond-shaped headlights form a bridge. What's next more specifically in terms of A? We expect the production version of the new a-class for the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2017, the finished sedan could debut in China in the spring of 2018. (rh)