McLaren Speedtail a little too early in the picture

An extravagant version of the 'hyper-McLaren Senna, the Speedtail, today officially unveiled. Unfortunately for the British, someone decided that it needed to be a part of the images already convey, and so we can now wake up with this sight.

The images will show the Speedtail from all angles. It is therefore very clear that this is a downright bizarre car. The new top-McLaren harks consciously back to the times of the legendary F1, and that is on the outside immediately to see to the split side windows. The profile of the car is extremely elongated and the Speedtail makes his name with a back that is far beyond the rear axle z'n wulpsheid demonstrates. The wheels deserve a separate note, especially because the front ones are previously of a special hood that they almost entirely cover. How this happens in practice looks like, we hope you will soon be able to tell.

But then the interior. Those who still have doubts about the F1 genes of the Speedtail, here at the rap on his place, and that place is exactly in the middle. Just like the McLaren in the 90's the car industry to its foundations did shake, the Speedtail-director take place between the two passengers, which is considerably further to the rear to sit. The dashboard is also perfectly symmetrical. The lack of mirrors in the interior is compensated for by display areas that display images of the outside zone cameras.

The Speedtail is, as I said later today officially unveiled; we can hear hopefully also detailed technical specifications. It is clear that the car has a hybrid powertrain offers more than 1,000 hp, delivers and that there are 106 copies will be built, each of which is a minimum of 1.8 million euros in costs. The Speedtail is listed as the GT-version of the equally extreme Senna, who is yet more on circuitgebruik is addressed. Together, the cars the new Ultimate Series, and they follow in that role, the P1.