McLaren Senna: The Mega Mac

Woking (UK), 11. December 2017

He was a three-time formula 1 world champion, and since his tragic death in 1994, a legend of Motorsport. The speech of Ayrton Senna. A car now bears his name. And not just any, but the most extreme McLaren-road vehicle ever made: the McLaren of Senna.

A racing car for the road

The combination of McLaren and Ayrton Senna, won by the Brazilians, however, with the McLaren Team, all of his world title. With a view to the new super sports car, Mike Flewitt, CEO of McLaren Automotive makes it clear where the hare runs: "The McLaren of Senna is approved for road transport, but from the beginning, designed and developed to Shine on a race track."

Extreme Lightweight

The core of the car, a so-called Monocage-III-Chassis made of carbon fiber. It is a further development of the structure underlying the McLaren 720S. The dry weight of the Senna McLaren is at 1,198 pounds. In connection with 800 HP so a power to weight ratio of 668 horsepower per ton. The Design of the manufacturer is expressed as follows: "Visually, the McLaren of Senna shocks. The first impression is of an aggressive, implacable machine."

Total Aerodynamics

Anyway, all of the elements of the body serve the purpose of optimization of downforce and aerodynamic Balance. The rear body cover of the double demands on aerodynamics and cooling performance was, for example, the distinctive "Gurney Flaps" in front of a series of graduated Fins, the air from the rear to the car body sides. The resulting low pressure draws in hot air from the high-temperature radiators and the engine compartment, where the blades ensure that the air flow affects the efficiency of the rear wing.

Mega-bar at the rear

Particularly striking is a huge rear wing made of carbon fiber, which is located at its highest point 1.22 meters of the road, and hydraulically adjusts. At the same time it acts as a brake flap in the case of heavy braking. In order to allow the Boarding, butterfly valves, so-called Dihedral doors to the front and at the top, and open with a part of the roof. Both the T├╝roberseite as well as the lower half can be done with glass in place of the standard carbon-fiber panels.

Less is more

Interior panels in the Cockpit, on request, Alcantara or leather covers the seats, the dashboard and side airbags. The controls has been reduced to McLaren to a Minimum, so also the three-spoke steering Wheel is free of buttons and switches. Space for Luggage is not really Behind the two Seats is a storage space for two helmets and two racing suits.

In the character of the 800

Behind the occupants M840TR, a Biturbo V8 with four liters of displacement, 800 horsepower and 800 Newton meters of torque. The power transmission to the gearbox to the rear wheels a seven-speed double clutch takes care of. Who wants to switch can do so with the elongated carbon fiber paddles on the steering Wheel. Add to that three different drive modes, and a hydraulic suspension with adaptive dampers. Carbon-ceramic disc brakes on the Senna.

Premiere in 2018 in Geneva

Only 500 copies of the Senna will be built starting in the third quarter of 2018, each will cost 922.250 Euro. To start saving, no one needs anyway, because all the vehicles are already sold. At least you can see the Senna, and at the Geneva auto salon from January 8. up to the age of 18. March 2018.(rh)