McLaren 570S Spider: Finally open

Woking (United Kingdom), 19. June 2017

As the Name says, the British "Goodwood Festival of Speed", especially to the Lust of speed. Fits to car manufacturers to use the Festival to the Premiere of faster novelties. A Highlight is between the 29. June and 2. July 2017, the new McLaren 570S Spider.

Wide and flat

So McLaren completes the coupe and GT existing 570S series. We devote ourselves to the facts of the 570S Spider: A length of 4.53 meters meets a width of a huge amount of 2.04 metres and a height of only 1.20 meters. Compared to the Coupé, the Spider only 46 kilograms more weight on the scale, the torsional rigidity remains the same. Taken the chassis with double-wishbones, adaptive shock absorbers and transverse stabilizers. By the choice of different driving modes, the Pilot can change the suspension setting. Standard Carbon-ceramic brake discs and Pirelli PZero Corsa tyres.

Sporty In all respects

The Differences include a twelve mm higher rear spoiler and of course the retractable Hardtop due to the change in body shape. This process takes 15 seconds and can be carried out at up to 40 km/h. Of the eponymous twin-turbo V8 with 3.8 liters of displacement that delivers 570 HP and 600 Newton metres of torque, the latter from 5,000 rpm. Gearbox will transfer the power via a seven-speed dual-clutch. The best conditions for Wind in the hair: 3.2 seconds to 100 km/h and 9.6 seconds to 200 km/h, the powerful figures. Open circuit is 315 km/h, closed only for 328 cases. Impressively, the negative acceleration is: From 200 km/h, the McLaren 570S Spider requires only 5.3 seconds, or 130 meters to brake to a standstill. Buyers of the 570S Spider have a choice of 20 colors, but need to transfer before 208.975 Euro. Thus, the difference to the 570S coupe is around 27,000 Euro. (rh)