Mazda with a difference

Surrey ( UK ), June 8, 2015

Somewhere between nostalgic and awful - beautiful are the creations of the brand vehicle Mitsuoka. Since the late 1970s, the Japanese button before proven models from domestic production and give them a structure in the style of old English cars. What appears often bizarre for our eyes, is quite successful in Japan. The best example is the Viewt, a Nissan Micra, which is to shrink output of Jaguar S-Type of the 1960s at Mitsuoka. With the latest model, the company is now venturing into the home of her role models: in the UK.

Typically British?

Overlooking the 4.57 meter long roadster which is in the home " Himiko ", hardly to get a Mitsuoka: This would revolutionize the expectations of a modern sports car. The design is sporty and elegant British with flowing lines. Well, we would rather say, so nostalgic and quirky like a Morgan, to a certain similarity.

I was an MX - 5

On the basis of the actual technical Roadster come observers only when looking in the interior: There is the recently detached Mazda MX-5 with the internal code NC and durable plastic folding roof. While the cockpit remained virtually the same, you can see the MX - 5 at the doors, the window and door mirrors. However, Mitsuoka has the wheelbase stretched to vigorously now 3.03 meters and changed by GRP attachments optics greatly. Under the hood of the known two-liter petrol engine with 160 hp. It is coupled to a manual transmission or an automatic transmission with six gears. Like the Mazda, the hardtop opens in just twelve seconds as standard are heated leather seats and automatic climate control on board. Cheap of the conversion was carried out by hand in both senses is not: 53,800 pounds to be called, which works out at almost 74,000 euros . ( rh )