Mazda shows patches new 3

Mazda has a completely new 3 in the ontwikkelingskamers, and it is that car where the brand is now a first teaservideo of release.

In October last year made Mazda at the Tokyo Motor Show impressed with the Kai Concept, a study model which the brand vooruitblikte on a completely new generation of the 3. Mazda will now show a teaservideo see that not only small pieces 3 from the cloth does, but it also lets us know that the car in november is presented. Thus, you can count on a unveiling on the eve of the Los Angeles Motor Show.

The new Mazda 3 is covered with a sharper version of Mazda's Kodo-design, a design language that we are on the current models of the brand and see that on the current CX-5 and all in a tighter form was presented. The new 3 not only comes as a hatchback, but also as a sedan available

Although the fresh carriage of the following 3 is undoubtedly the most striking novelty is, plays the biggest news is under the skin. There lies the so-called SkyActiv-X-technique. Under that name the Japanese with a particularly ingenious benzineblok, that under most circumstances can function as a zelfontbrander. The engine is running, so without the intervention of spark plugs, that for the cold start and vollastsituaties are present. SkyActiv-X, that way the advantages of a diesel engine, more pulling power, low consumption and an optimum CO2-emissions, combined with the high power and low soot and NOx emissions of a benzineblok. Promising!

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