Mazda Hazumi Poised for Mazda2

Poised for Mazda2

Sporty, chic and a bit aggressive: Mazda has its design style found. In the future, this lift out the subcompact Mazda2 from the crowd of competitors.

With dynamic design already last Mazda3, Mazda6 and CX-5 have been a hit. In the new generation of the subcompact Mazda2 also with muscular-looking grille, obliquely cut headlamps and sporty curved lines will come up. The shows now on the Geneva Motor Show, the near-series concept Hazumi.

The Japanese name means something like " jump ". And it is true that the 4.07 meter-long five-door model with its widely drawn towards the street front a bit like a predator, just before it pounces on its prey. In the previously embossed rather harmless or even cuteness segment that is almost a unique selling point.

Also in the interior of the small car will set the tone. Although the study still something seems to be further away from the standard specifications: The uncluttered center console and sporty central speedo it could create as the new infotainment system with smartphone integration as well in the finished model. The chic red, white and black leather the concept car, however, it will probably not give.

© MazdaFür the drive provides a 1.5-liter diesel   At least available on request but will be the engine that is on board the study made ​​its debut. The 1.5-liter diesel is expected to come to around 100 hp and is doing little more than three liters of fuel per 100 kilometers need - at least in the configuration in which it is found in the concept car. Namely, with start - stop system and a six-speed automatic. Most buyers of the Mazda2 but the future as had probably also select one of up to around 100 bhp petrol engine.

Officially called Mazda still no launch date for its smallest model. As is probably true, however, beginning in 2015. Then, the available since autumn 2007 predecessor more than seven years under its belt.