Mazda CX-3 environment-friendly

New York, 29. March 2018

In the case of small, but high cars the risk of normal nature always threatening. So SUVs look Compact, sometimes rather doubtful. A notable exception to this is the Mazda CX-3, which is one of the most stylish representatives of its kind. With a 4.28 Meter length, it is one of the competitors of Opel Mokka, VW T-Roc, or Jeep Renegade. Unlike the mocha, and the T-Roc (and many other small SUVs), there is the Mazda with all-wheel drive. The car is now being upgraded. The new Version is at the New York Auto Show (30. March to 9. April 2018).

Diesel now meets Euro-6d-Temp

The biggest Changes are under the hood. So, the 1.5-litre modified Diesel with 105 HP. Above all, he now meets the exhaust emission norm Euro 6d Temp. Managed the engineers have, interestingly, more displacement – no modification, which else with eco-friendliness in the context. How big is the engine displacement of diesel fuel is now, and whether that performance and fuel consumption change, has not notified Mazda.

Less emissions due to more displacement

The Japanese explain how the larger the combustion chamber leads to less NOx emissions: By the advanced engine, the maximum combustion will decrease pressures and thus the temperature in the engine. The latter is lowered by the combined High - and low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation. A lower combustion temperature leads to lower NOx emissions. To press the oxides of nitrogen to the Euro-6d-Temp-limit, gives the car a simple NOX-storage catalytic Converter. A Refill of Adblue, as in the case of vehicles with SCR System is not required.

Gasoline comply with the standard without a particulate filter

Also the petrol engines meet the future Euro-6d-Temp-Norm. In the case of gasoline direct injection engines critical particle emissions were reduced by higher injection pressure, multi-hole injectors, multiple injection, a new piston shape and, again, optimized flow conditions in the combustion chamber. Through these modifications to the engine and no particulate filter to Comply with the strict standard is necessary. In addition, the friction losses have been reduced, and the cooling system improved. Both lead to a lower fuel consumption, Mazda.

Market launch in the summer of 2018

As for the other technique, a new traffic jam assistant are added (on the versions with automatic transmission) as well as Matrix LED light and an electronic Parking brake with Auto-Hold function. The optical changes are small. The easiest way recognizable is the new Version of the modified rear. A new addition is the red Metallic color as well as the modified 18-inch-wheels. Inside, a center armrest between the front seats as standard. In the German commercial of the Mazda CX-3 comes from the summer of 2018. The prices have not yet been called. So far, they started at around 18,000 Euro.(sl)