Marriage of purpose of or love match?

Cologne, August 18, 2016

How do you imagine the future of the automobile? A touch of a button on your Smartphone and even reverses a driverless taxi? Perhaps they are not so wrong. The "online mediation service for performance" uber is now working with the Swedish car manufacturer Volvo on such a concept.

Two-sided commitment

The Division of tasks in the project is as follows: Volvo a car based on the SPA platform provides based on the also new models V90, S90 and XC90. Both vehicles have already partially autonomous modes with Abstandsregeltempomaten and track support wizards that make much more pleasant driving longer distances in the standard version of the series. Uber engineers make sure that all necessary security systems, redundancy and other aspects for fully autonomous driving will be transmitted to the Volvo vehicle together with those of Volvo.


Both companies expect various benefits for the enterprise. Uber can maintain their own techniques in an existing base and develop it for use in mass, Volvo can take another step towards fully autonomous driving.

Make transport safer

"More than one million people die each year in traffic accidents. Autonomous driving techniques can prevent these tragedies, however, we not only create that. For this reason is so important"partnership with a major car manufacturers such as Volvo, said Travis Kalanick, CEO of uber. "Volvo is pioneer in the development of the vehicle and the best of his industry when it comes to security. If we combine the capabilities of uber and Volvo, arrive the future faster." We are excited to see where this nowadays still unusual-looking partnership will lead decades in the next few years and maybe. Also Google, BMW, VW, GM, Audi, Mercedes and Ford want to bring a self-propelled car without a steering wheel and pedals on the road, the majority of the developing company plans so for the year 2021. (mf)