Market launch for the Tesla killer

Menlo Park (USA), 16 March 2017

End of 2016, the American company motor with the announcement, a Tesla competitors with electric drive to build lucid surprised us. The performance and range data were promising and also the appearance went down well. Now there are first prizes for the lucid air and also the market launch is set target.

Get started with 400 HP

The lucid air will be available at various levels. The entry-level model comes with a range of about 385 kilometers and a capacity of 400 PS to the customers. The hardware for fully autonomous driving, LED lights, 19-inch wheels, and free software updates are included in the standard equipment. The base price of the lucid air is therefore approximately 56,500 euros at $60,000. Comparison:, an Opel Ampera-e with a range of 520 kilometres should arrive at just under 40,000 euros. A Tesla model S with 420 HP costs less than 100,000 euros.

Launch Edition to start

But what would a trendy electric-start-up without a limited version of the product to the market? Right: only half so cool. Therefore, the first 255 copies of lucid air just as at least 95,000 euro launch Edition will come to the customer. It then while there is a range of about 500 kilometers and an engine power of 1,000 HP, but who wants to buy a 'normal' air for 49,500 euro, must be patient, until the launch Edition is sold out. That could take some time. But not when it comes to lucid: the company plans to sell at least 10,000 units of the electric cars in the first twelve months from the launch in the year 2019. Who have so little cash lying around has that may be for 2,400 euros a lucid air reserve and wait. (mf)