Magna Mila Plus: Lightweight and quiet

Vienna ( Austria ), March 2, 2015

Still, there are not too many hybrid sports car, but their number is growing. On the market are already Hyper-cars like LaFerrari with a total output of 963 hp, the McLaren P1 ( 916 hp), the Porsche 918 Spyder ( 887 hp) and the BMW i8 ( 362 hp). All are united by a low quantity and high price. From McLaren P1 example, there are only 375 pieces, which, despite 1.1 million euros per copy sold out.

Concept car at the Geneva Motor Show

Something affordable could be a small hybrid - powered car that is at the Geneva Motor Show ( March 5 to 15 2015) presented. " Could " because the 4.40 meter long Mila Plus is a concept car that probably do not go into production. Built it, the Austrian auto supplier Magna and vehicle developer who has presented at the Geneva Trade shows in recent years, interesting solutions.

Aluminum and plastic profiles

Mila Plus is a two-seater that was systematically tuned to a low weight. Its body consists of an aluminum spaceframe produced with extruded profiles. This not only provides a good result on the scale, but also allows a modular design with components from high-volume and different drive variants. The accessories are made from lightweight plastic also that leaves the designers greater freedom. The individual components are connected by a special process with mechanical joining and bonding. At Magna this technique is already used longer ?? it is cheaper than welding.

Alternative propulsion concept

When the drive is Mila Plus, a plug-in hybrid system, on which the producer has betrayed the present time only a few details. Only this: The part of the combustor is performed by a three-cylinder petrol engine. He is associated with two electric motors, one of which sits between Nitro and gearbox and drives the rear axle. The second motor has its place in the front axle. By this arrangement, an electric wheel-drive system is formed. The combination of the drives after all, just bring 272 hp and powert with a maximum torque of 580 Newton meters. With the power of three hearts of Sprint should be to create to 100 kph in 4.9 seconds, all-electric, it is 3.6 seconds from zero to 80. Currently driving the car with electricity only, to provide 75 kilometer range be inside. More information to follow the trade fair. (HD)