Mad ideas: the BMW X 5 Le Mans

Hair, 30 March 2017

Usually, car companies are reasonable: consult the marketing and its clients, which models are just said or are getting around in the future. But there are also exceptions for almost every brand: ideas at the edge of madness, which are designed by creative minds, but not in the series make it. We want to present the results here regularly. Part 1 is about the BMW X 5 Le Mans.

A motor racing

Hunt even though today each Nobel manufacturer felt brings out an SUV with exorbitant power and around the Northern loop of the Nürburgring, the current HP maximum is the 630 Horsepower of Mercedes-AMG G 65. This fact must be sent beforehand to the fine madness of the BMW X 5 Le Mans to understand. The V12 LMR racing car, with which Munich won in 1999 at the 24-hour race was its name. Its engine was pumped up for use in the then brand new X 5 from 580 to 700 HP.

With Santiago stucco on the North loop

In the meantime, wanted to be moved dynamically also 2,130 kilograms. For this task, no less grip than Hans-Joachim Stuck to the handle of the manual six-speed circuit. In June 2001, he accelerated the up to 311 km/h of fast X 5 Le Mans at a time on the Nordschleife 7: 49,92 minutes. However, despite of all abilities BMW knew that this car might be too much of good thing and decided against a serial production. Now there is a X 5 M, bringing 575 HP from a twin-turbo V8. Twelve-cylinder SUVs remained the exception: in the 1980s, Lamborghini had built the very terrain LM002 with 455-HP V12 from the Countach, Audi offered the Q7 V12 TDI with 500 HP from 2008 to 2012. 65 and the Bentley Bentayga W12 are only the mentioned Mercedes-AMG G, currently on offer. He brings it on 608 PS.(RH)