M5 now for the first time with all-wheel drive

Munich, 21. August 2017

Only since the beginning of 2017, the current and seventh Generation of the BMW 5-series is available as a sedan on the market, the 5 series Touring followed shortly after. The most powerful model? The M550i xDrive with 462 HP, which bears the "M" in the name, but it is only a kind of Light-M. Now BMW has pulled the towels from the full-fat M, representing since 1984, the vehicle concept of the "four-door Business sedan with a race-track potential" in Munich. And the new BMW M5 to reach "a new dynamic driving dimensions and also suitability for everyday use under all driving conditions". How does he do it? With a drive revolution.

Optical and technical M-changes

But from the front: the body of The new BMW M5 has been revised compared to the base 5-series in terms of driving dynamic requirements. The front of the panel of the front bumper was redesigned with larger Openings for the air supply. Also new is the rear diffuser and the four tailpipes of the exhaust system, which can be adjusted via the flap control in the Sound. Weight savings? The hood is made of aluminum and the roof is made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic. There are composite brake discs and, on request, for an even lighter Carbon-ceramic brakes (minus 23 kilograms). Front seats as standard 19-inch wheels, also available are 20-inchers available. In the interior of M are the factory seats with Merino leather installed, if you want to newly developed multi-function seats with shell-type seat-similar to the design, you have to pay for it.

The V8 engine in Detail

As a suitable drive source in the new BMW M5 a 4.4-Liter V8 twin-turbo, the turbochargers compared to the predecessor engine with new turbo used was pushed, an indirect charge air cooling, and a higher fuel injection pressure, more power and more torque. The nominal power of 600 HP is at 5,600 to 6,700 tours. The maximum torque of 750 Newton meters from 1,800 Revolutions per Minute. For comparison: The so far strongest of the M5 (the 30-year-M5-special model) was 600 HP, but only a maximum torque of 700 Newton metres, the however, from just 1,500 trips, and equipment.

Eight-speed automatic, all-wheel drive and suspension

Is coupled to the engine with a eight-speed automatic that delivers the power for the first time in M5 history ... attention ... to a four-wheel drive. The System, called "M xDrive" working with a Central distribution gearbox with multi-plate clutch, and distributes the Drive torque variably to the front and rear axle. For this purpose, a rear axle differential lock. The character of the Wheel can be determined by the driver individually. Five configurations are available: they range from normal all-wheel drive and active, without DSC on a sporty all-wheel-tuning, which allows for easily controlled Drifts, up to off DSC and pure rear-wheel drive. For suspension, steering and engine characteristics the well-known modes "Efficient", "Sport" and "Sport Plus" available, which can also be individually configured. On the two M1 and M2 buttons on the steering Wheel can be transmission in addition, two freely adjustable setup for all engine-, chassis-, and four-wheel drive modes are stored.

Fast! But also fast enough?

The Driving Performance? In 3.4 seconds are reached from standstill to 100 km/h in 11,1 seconds, 200 km/h. The maximum speed is electronically limited at 250 km/h electronically, on request, with the "M Drivers Package" only at 305 km/h. we Look quickly to the fiercest competitors: the Mercedes-AMG E 63 S. He makes 612 HP and 850 Newton metres from a 4.0-Liter V8 Biturbo. Along with a nine-speed automatic and a rear-biased all-wheel drive is also available in 3.4 seconds to 100 kph. The Price? The Mercedes quantified with a minimum of 121.892 Euro.

Order Start-Up, Market Introduction, Prices

And the M5? Ordered the new BMW can be starting in September 2017. The delivery begins in the spring of 2018. The base price is 117.900 euros. And if you want something exclusive, you have to use the special model "First Edition", painted in "Frozen Red Metallic", better equipped, and 19,500 Euro is more expensive. For BMW limited this model to the world of 400 units.(ml)