Lotus brings crazy Exige Cup 430

Hethel (UK), 9. November 2017

Now you can set the clock by it. In regularity (however, in shorter intervals) brings Lotus special editions of its models Elise, Exige or Evora on the market. The Striking of said special editions? Although the point of the absolute Maximization is achieved, the things will still be stronger, lighter, faster ... and more expensive. The Latest Example: The Exige Cup 430.

436 HP at 1056 pounds

The idea is that The 436-horsepower supercharged V6 from the ultimate Lotus Evora (Evora GT430) and extract it into something significantly Smaller, Lighter, and track tauglicheres stuck. Finished the new Exige Cup 430. And it costs almost € 130,000. Shocked? Makes nothing. Let us come rather quickly to the technical data and facts, before Lotus is igniting the next stage of expansion. According to official data, the 440 Newton meters 3.5-Liter whipped-V6. h. the little Exige in just 3.3 seconds, 0-100 km/, Which is more than impressive for a rear-wheel drive with manual transmission. A beautiful manual open setting, as shown on the pictures can see. Also helpful: The weight reduction of twelve pounds (when all the Carbon options are configured). Thus, the Exige Cup 430 weighs in at a dry only 1.056 kg. Also this is not bad for a car that drags the basic engine from an old Toyota Camry with around.

The fastest Lotus of all time

More aerodynamics, there are of course. The old Exige Cup 380 is now replaced by the Cup 430, generated 200 pounds of downforce at its top speed of 282 km/h. The Exige Cup 430 to generate at 160 km/h 100 kilos of aerodynamic Grip. At the maximum speed of 290 km/h 220 Kilo press max in addition to down. This is due to a wider front splitter, new cut-outs in the wheel arches and even larger rear wing. The result: The new Exige Cup 430 is (at least for this month) on the in-house test of the fastest Lotus of all time track in Hethel. With a time of 1.24,8 minutes even again 1.2 seconds faster than the radical Lotus 3-Eleven.

From 127.500 €

What else is worth mentioning? The Cup 430 gets a reinforced clutch, a roll bar made of steel, and a titanium exhaust system (saves tens of kilograms). The Carbon bucket seats in leather, Alcantara or plaid fabric. Your car should be a Golf GTI, you know, what you have to do. Provided you have the adequate Budget, because Lotus would like to see for the new Exige Cup 430 at least 127.500€. That sounds like a lot of money for a car without Navi, heated seats, or assistance systems? You should be glad you even get the opportunity. Except in Germany, the most radical Exige of all time is sold only in the United Kingdom and France.(sw)