Lord Hans: A totally crazy Mercedes G

Monaco, 15. November 2017

Jon Olsson, his characters Freestyle skier and a successful YouTuber, known for his penchant for extremely powerful cars. Unforgettable is about the Audi RS 6 DTM with 1,000 HP and a roof box. But the Winter is coming and the native-born Swede is in need of a new car. Of course, not a Dacia Duster, but much more. The curtain rises on the "Lord John".

Tribute to the brother

"Lord Hans," this is a Mercedes G 500 4x4 squared, the shines not from the factory, really subtle and discreet appearance. But Mr Olsson wants more, and has beefed up the grounds-giants in terms of performance and looks strong. The Name "Lord Hans," derives from Olssons brother who was in the ski racing even more successful.

A Monster appears

The cars, Hans was taken from a Dutch Tuner Absolute motor in the deficiency, the result is 800 HP. An exact number yet, because of the final visit to the test is pending. Add to this a modified suspension, off-road tires, black paint plus carbon fiber parts and a half of airfield lighting, the it bustles with massive protection bars along the front. Between the iron and the roof wires margins to protect, among other things, the windshield. Will a carbon-fiber-projects-snorkel from the home of Brabus in ambitious Diving.(rh)