Longer waiting time after the dangerous driving test

Candidates of the practical part of the driving test that herself, the examiner or other road users at risk during their key, now have to wait longer for a rematch.

The CBR recorded in the first nine months of this year, 1.679 broken autopraktijkexamens after a hazard to traffic behaviour. In such situations, the safety of the candidate, the examiner and the other traffic is not guaranteed. The fall in candidate had until recently two weeks required to wait before he or she is behind the wheel should creep up for a new attempt. The CBR is expected, however, that such a candidate at least six weeks, need to get the desired behaviour. Therefore, extending the governing body and the mandatory waiting period to six weeks for a re-examination. For other downward slope of the candidates remains mandatory waiting period in two weeks.

The CBR hopes in addition to a greater chance of success for the applicant is also of good driving schools to help. By a longer mandatory waiting period can the candidates and/or their parents less pressure on a faster resit of the driving test. An additional advantage is that the restricted examencapaciteit immediately better used by candidates who really are ready for the exam. Although the average success rate over the past few years, something has risen, the proportion of 50 percent was still low. With the new measure hopes, the CBR, that this percentage continues to rise.