Long charge master

Rüsselsheim, Germany, February 6, 2017

Former owner of Opel Omega B caravan or Vectra C caravan remember with shining eyes at the roominess of those suits. It was 2009 first of all: the insignia was the "caravan" to the "sports tourer". Although the design was quite sleek but including suffered from the boot volume. With the new insignia sports tourer, Opel now trying to sharpen this notch.

Very nice long made

How five-door Insignia Grand sport also Combi brother relies on an eye catching look. The deep L-shaped corrugation in the page are striking. According to Opel even more bonds from Monza concept studies are supposed to be at the sports tourer (somehow "Caravan" would prefer us) find. Well, anyway, the sheer numbers show neatly has put the car at the dimensions. 4.99 meters measure the insignia sports tourer in length, around seven centimetres more than with its predecessor. There are nine centimetres more when the wheelbase now 2.82 m, the height of 1.48 meters. In addition, shortened the front overhang and widened the lane. But only the dimensions and not weight are lush: here, Opel has saved a good 200 kilograms.

Defused tailgate

Another advance over its predecessor: The infamous "Antonov an - tailgate", which as upward swings in a cargo plane in the whole story is similar. Now the rear lights are divided, also grew the space between the wheel arches. So, the luggage compartment is more usable. The length of the cargo area rises to two meters when folded (optional in the ratio of 40:20:40), maximum of 1,640 liters volume are an increase of over 100 litres compared to its predecessor. If the owner has ordered "Keyless Open", opening and closing the tailgate by foot kick. Clever: A vehicle silhouette projected on the floor shows, where you must enter.

Comfort and Wizard

In addition to more room inside and a lower seating position of the rider, the new Opel Insignia sports tourer offers lots of technology: seats in the rear? Check. Multimedia with Apple CarPlay and Android car? No problem. AGR ergonomic front seats with massage and ventilation? Available. The well-known online wizard OnStar comes with the possibility to reserve a hotel room and similar personal services. A heated windscreen can be found in the price list as intelligent LED headlamp, whose driving beam blasting ranges up to 400 meters wide, and a head-up display. Could be handy given the 360-degree camera with bird's eye view prove to be of less than five meters of length. An adaptive cruise control with automatic braking function and a lane keeping assist with automatic steering correction are still worth mentioning.

Premiere in Geneva

Keyword chassis: further developed the so-called FlexRide solution with three modes: standard, sport and tour. If you want an all-wheel drive, get a system with torque vectoring. Two electrically controlled multi-plate clutches replace the rear axle differential. Officially unveiled is the new Opel Insignia sports tourer on the Geneva Motor Show (9 to 19 March 2017), it can be ordered from February 17. You know more about the engine range, which starts at the still current model at 140 HP (gasoline) and 120 HP (diesel). So far only the (probably mostly optional) presence of an eight-speed automatic transmission is confirmed. (rh)