Light Roadster Lykan Designer

Dubai, March 30, 2016

The man who designed so extreme vehicles, such as the Fenyr or the Lykan hyperlink sports for watt motor, would like to start now with a car. A further much too strong, faster and more expensive Super Sport? No. Anthony Jannarelly drives Caterham and Donkervoort, which seems to connect privately. Look forward to the beautiful Janarelly design-1.

Ferrari look and lightweight

The vehicle that strongly reminds in his appearance at the legendary Ferrari 250 Testarossa, is based on a steel tube frame. On these 17 employees pull a barely a metre-high aluminium, carbon and fibre glass body of the small series producer. The weight is very low. The Nissan V6 3.5 liter engine with around 300 HP should move only 710 kilos. The power is transmitted by a manual six-speed transmission with limited-slip differential on the rear axle. In less than four seconds to go to 100. A four-piston brake system may delay befitting the light weight also upbeat pace. The Semislicks of Toyo show that occurred here, no ice cream parlors pose, but a real fun machine.

Small series with approval in Germany

Anthony Jannarelly on the table has 15 orders for his dream car. Five vehicles are to be built per month. The cars are manufactured by the way the British regulations for small series. This means that the design-1 also in Germany can be admitted. However, this is not all that easy. In some States, the car such as a Testarossa replica must be declared to get an approval. The most important thing at the end, the price: the Roadster in Germany will cost the equivalent of some 75,000 euros. A fair amount for a beautiful driving fun guarantee. (mf)