Lamborghini Urus: The Super-SUV

Sant'agata Bolognese (Italy), 4. December 2017

What is a Tradition in the automotive industry. Bentley was now building an SUV, Rolls-Royce will follow shortly, and even in the case of Ferrari, it is not sound to say no. For the purists a terrible idea, on the other hand an SUV is now a safe money-making machine. Also, Lamborghini has already noticed years ago, that only two sports-car series on life in Wolfsburg-based accounting happy. To alternates finally, the clientele in the Middle East and the far East after an SUV. Not without reason, showed in 2012, the first study of the Urus in Beijing. Now the series-production vehicle.

Mighty, mighty

The Name Urus refers to the aurochs, as the ancestor of the domestic cattle and, thus, also of the bulls, the previous models of Lamborghini have given their names. Speaking of the Name: For the Italians, your new Baby is not a mundane SUV, it is the "world's first Super Sport Utility Vehicle". A giant baby, of course, that fills his new niche lush. The dimensions of the Urus are as follows: 5,11 meters in length, of 2.02 metres in width, 1,64 meters in height and 3.00 meters wheelbase. Wait a minute, three-Meter wheelbase? This value indicates the relationship of the Urus from the VW group: the Audi Q7, and Bentley's Bentayga.

Memories of the LM002

Although the Urus is the first four-door from the house of Lamborghini, all-terrain vehicles, but there are once: the LM002 from the 1980s. To him, some of the design elements in the Urus to remember, including the Y-shaped front side air intakes. We don't want to stop us at this point, but for a long time with the Design. Make a note of the value of the flared wheel arches, in which up to 23 inch rims fit, and the frameless side Windows. At first glance, the Urus looks like a Mix of the current Lamborghini sports car and a little Lexus. (You should forgive us, but to the rear of such associations.)

Turbo-Premiere at the Motor

We look at what is on the front under the hood: A four-litre Biturbo V8 aluminum with cylinder deactivation, and, of course, a gasoline engine. This Lamborghini is not its V10 and V12 sports car engines. Open it is said, but we will touch on the eight-cylinder, which performs, among other things, in the new Porsche Cayenne. The first use of a turbo engine in a Lamborghini is on the grounds that high torque at low speeds in open terrain.

Splendid Fahleistungen

Tight 650 HP get Lamborghini out of the machine, with the addition of 850 Newton-metres of torque between 2,250 and 4,500 Rpm. A value of 3.38 kilograms per HP sounds nice at first, put into perspective but in the face of (in spite of lightweight construction) 2.2 tonnes empty weight for the Urus. However, the cart accelerates in 3.6 seconds from zero to 100 km/h, the 200-km/h mark is reached after 12.8 seconds. 305 km/h top speed is the Lamborghini for the Urus. The power transmission takes place via an eight-speed automatic. As standard, the Urus with Carbon-ceramic discs brakes.

All-wheel drive technology everywhere

The core of the Urus will be a permanent all-wheel drive. A Central Torsen limited-slip differential distributes the torque by default, in a ratio of 40 to 60 per cent in favour of the rear axle. However, 70 percent can flow to the front or to the 87 percent to the rear. In addition, the Urus active Torque Vectoring via has the rear axle differential. Thus, the drive force can be distributed to each individual wheel. Over the entire speed range, a rear-axle steering is also used, the steering angle is three degrees. The ground clearance of the Urus varies between 16 and 25 centimeters, it is possible an adjustable air suspension makes it.

A Lambo with a trailer load

A total of six modes of the Urus-Pilot to choose from: Strada (street), Sport (here, the car is lowered) , Corsa (race course, minimum side slope), and Terra (earth), Neve (snow) and Sabbia (Sand, quasi-Dubai-mode) as the terrain is programs. Here the soil is increased freedom and reduced under-steer. There is also a lot of assistance systems, including a trailer mode. Yes, you read that right. About the towing capacity of the Lamborghini is silent but still discreet.

Market launch in the spring of 2018

In the Cockpit, the driver looks at a TFT-screen, he is sitting but, according to Lamborghini low in a 12-way adjustable Memory sports seat, as his passenger. To the rear there is either a triple bench or two separate chairs. The rear seat can be folded down furniture, and enlarged the trunk of 616 and of 1,596 liters. Friends of the room design can also choose from wood, carbon fiber, aluminum, leather and Alcantara. Just the right employment, to bridge the time until the market launch of the Urus in the spring of 2018. Be Price: To The Tune Of 204,000 Euros. Thus, the Lambo is 60,000 euros more expensive than a Porsche Cayenne Turbo with 550 HP and is only minimally cheaper than the Bentley Bentayga W12 engine with 608 HP of power.(rh)