Lada Xray: So he goes into series production

Togliatti ( Russia ), November 9, 2015

Admittedly Automobile beauties are not just the latest cars by Lada. They are incredibly cheap to compensate. The Granta you get currently from just 6,750 euros.

Eye catching

But now the Russian producer makes a big step forward. Lada has unveiled the new Xray, named after the English word for X-rays. To design cares for some time a true professional: Steve Mattin was formerly employed by Volvo. He has the Xray as its larger brother Vesta missed lateral creases that are truly an eye-catcher.

Waiting for Details

Read the rest of Xray is Lada are still concealed: recordings of the interior or detailed specifications? Nyet! Only as much as you get engaged in Togliatti: Production of Xray starts on 15 December 2015 in the Russian sale he goes in February 2016. He replaces the Kalina as the Vesta inherits the Priora. The technical basis provides the so-called B0 platform of Renault-Nissan, on the stands, among other things the Dacia Sandero . ( rh )