Ken Block strikes again

Dubai, March 1, 2016

It's been eight years now that a certain Ken Block had a YouTube hit with "Gymkhana" in his Subaru. Since that time, the crazy and enterprising Americans brought six more videos, which were concerned with the professional tyre destruction in the funkiest and most impressive places in the world. Now it's happening again: Gymkhana 8 is here and block sets a time on it.

Dubai as the setting

Since a tight week Ken Block made long nose us on various social media channels. More information on the location of the eighth part of the Gymkhana surfaced. Finally, it was clear: for the new video, the Hoonigan crew moved to Dubai. That block will by 2015 concluded a sponsorship deal with "Xdubai" the largest media company in the country, might have helped.

Fiesta as weapon of choice

In the new video, drifts and jumps into his 650-HP Ford Fiesta WRC wild block by the rich desert State. Other protagonists: camels, a hawk, a Leopard, various helicopters, a Boeing 747, and the tallest building in the world. Extra for Gymkhana 8 was equipped with a reflective stickers of the Fiesta, which lights up depending on the light.

Massive movie effort

About 80 men were involved in the four-day video shoot. For this, even the main road in the middle of Dubai for a couple of hours was closed down for the second time in the history of the country. The first time the motorway for an another American has been blocked: a certain George W. Bush at the time there was driving along.

Fantastic video

The result is very impressive: block starts in the desert, racing on an airport runway, revolves around the Burj Khalifa, plays with a helicopter, and jumps to the conclusion from a helicopter in the Persian Gulf of course without a car. We are thrilled, but sure it best yourself. By the way: at the end of Ken Block shows a little surprise for Gymkhana 9.(mf)