Karacho with trunk

Stuttgart, March 2nd, 2017

Actually, we thought that now really slowly all niches are occupied. Porsche however disabused us once again. With us, welcome the new Panamera sports Turismo, a kind of five-door Panamera shooting brake. Or in other words: the first combination in the history of Porsche. The inspiration comes from the much-discussed 2012 SportTurismo study and that it has remained pretty close to it, is a very good sign. At least in our opinion, this has become a very very nice big car here.

Little trunk

Of course sport Turismo in principle is nothing more than a Panamera with a slightly larger rucksack on his back. Dimensions (length of 5.05 meters, 1,934 metres wide, 1.43 metres above sea level) are even absolutely identical to those of the sedan. Now, you'd think would be more space with an additional floor in the rear. Right somehow, that adheres plus to space but within limits. The Panamera sport Turismo grabs 520 litres in the luggage compartment (425 litres at the 4 E-hybrid). These are just 20 litres more than the sedan. It is laying the seats and Turismo grabs full sport up under the roof, after all, are 50 litres more. Maximum, so 1,390 litres go luggage in the beautiful new Panamera-butt (1,295 litres in the case of the 4 E-hybrid).

A half-space

Inside, driver and front passenger in the Turismo the beautiful new Panamera-cockpit world sports is located. Should they claim that this would be the currently best car interior, we would do hard us rather to disagree with you. And in sport Turismo even more people can benefit from this, because as first Panamera, he gets three seats in the rear. Well, we say two and a half seats. The outer chairs remain in the also single seats, in the middle there's something unspecified mentioned Porsche. Only by a 2 + 1-configuration is the speech. Perfect for mother-in-law or the unloved neighbor's kid. Optionally, you can order sport Turismo but simply as a four-seater with two electrically adjustable individual seats. After all, the higher roof line is to provide an easier entry and exit, as well as a significant improvement in the freedom of the head.

Smarter spoiler

All Panamera sport Turismo will come as standard with Porsches PTM all-wheel drive. The S models are also an air suspension. The biggest party trick of the combined Panamera (apart from its combined form of course) but the most is his Adaptive roof spoiler. Depending on how they drive just so or what Fahrmodus you are, adjusts itself whose angles in three different stages. In figures, this means: up to 50 kilos zusäzlicher downforce on the rear axle. In normal mode the wing stands up to a speed of 170 km/h at an angle of minus seven degrees and to contribute to the improvement of air resistance and consumption. From 170 km/h (or sport modes from 90 km/h) he shoots at an angle of plus one degree to increase stability and lateral dynamics.

From October 2017

Of course, the sport Turismo get motors. Not surprisingly it is the same as in the normal Panamera. The entry is made with the 330-Horsepower V6, 422 HP diesel, as well as the Turbo 550 HP above the 462-PS-E-hybrid, the 4S with 440 HP, 4 S To the new and quite breathtaking Turbo S E-hybrid with 680 HP and Porsche does not react 850 Newton meters so far yet. However it wouldn't surprise us if the new top model Combi denied the Panamera would be. If you who want to watch live sports Turismo the new Panamera, then should they go to the Geneva Motor Show (March 9-19). The launch takes place on 7th October 2017. Rates start at 97.557 euro for the Panamera 4 sport Turismo. The 4 E-hybrid diesel 123.975 euro is 112.075 euros, the 4S 120.048 euro and 4 S. For the preliminary top model Turbo sport Turismo are at least 158.604 euros due. The large folding supplement is so depending on the model from nearly 3,000 to 7,000 euros. (black & white)