Kabinenroller on American

Phoenix ( USA ), 15 October 2014

How to get pretty low without finding a parking space to work? Europeans would immediately say: By public transport, of course! In the USA it's a different from: Offsides the megacities are subways or buses rather scarce. So there must be a car. But why settle for the few kilometers to work or university in a fat, gas-guzzling crate? The Paul Elio thought in 2008 and designed the " Elio ", an economical commuter car for two people.

Future cabin

With its tandem seating arrangement of Elio reminds us spontaneously to the Blessed Messerschmitt bubble car. But while the mobile from the 1950s was more of a stopgap, puts a lot of brainpower in Elio. And no asthmatic two-strokes, but a water-cooled three-cylinder 900 cc displacement and 55 hp. Housed the motor is forward, it will provide 75 Nm of torque and bring the Elio at over 160 km / h. In less than ten seconds to go from zero to 100 km / h. Particularly interesting are the fuel consumption figures: only 2.8 liters, it should be on the highway, in the city then 4.8 liters. Thus, in extreme cases extend far over 1,000 kilometers of the 30 - liter tank. It is shifted by the way, manual five-speed transmission ( including reverse gear, how to wink stresses ) or with an unspecified automatic.

Shortly there somewhere

The impression of a Bastelbude wants far reject Elio. The three-wheeled vehicle features a reinforced steel frame, added three airbags and an ABS. With 4.08 meters of Elio is relatively long. Unlike, say, the Smart Fortwo it was not a total shortly, but the Windschlüpfigkeit. Because of the resulting droplets form the two passengers must be placed one behind the other. Again a parallel to the Messerschmitt, but are in Elio more space. We therefore look at some data: The shoulder width is 68 inches. The driver has a foot space of 1.08 meters, his passenger 84 centimeters. In the trunk fit manageable 62 liter luggage. On the wheelbase omitted when Elio 2.79 meters, the height is 1.38 meters in 14 centimeters of ground clearance.

Thoughtful offer

Exciting is Price: Elio Motors plans to offer the car in 2015 for $ 6,800, but without taxes and transfer. Vice, which is around 5,400 euros. Included are air conditioning, radio, power windows and central locking. You might want to also order a lot of extras such as leather seats and cruise control. The warranty is three years or the equivalent of almost 58,000 kilometers. This convinced many: To date 12 October 2014 there were already 35,373 reservations. To be built the car in Shreveport, Louisiana. 1,500 jobs would like to create there Elio. Maintenance is carried out on one of 800 service centers the US workshop chain " Pep Boys", for sales are about 60 dealers scheduled. And what about the rest of the world? That is fixedly provided when the US customers are only supplied once. Probably will but first you look across the border to Canada . ( rh )