Jeep Compass: prices

Frankfurt am Main, 9 may 2017

How is VW Tiguan writes on American? Jeep Compass. Jeep will soon in the popular class of compact SUVs with an old name, but a brand new vehicle. Is now known, which will cost the car to the launch on 7 July 2017.

Inexpensive, but not cheap

Added: quite the joke with the VW Tiguan doesn't fit, because the Wolfsburg is best seller ten centimeters longer than the new Jeep Compass. The 4.39-metre Jeep is significantly closer to seat Ateca, which is 4.36 meters. Well priced both at eye level are: the Compass starts with 140-HP Turbo petrol engine, six-speed gearbox and front-wheel drive at 24,900 euros. However, the basic equipment called "Sport" is manageable: 16-inch steel wheels, manual air conditioning, an Infotainment system with five inch touch screen, a cruise, a lane and a collision warning system are standard. For comparison: an Ateca with 150 HP and front-wheel drive brings back to 25.120 euro a two zone climate control and parking sensors.

Cluttered equipment policy

Back to the Jeep Compass: only the initial versions with the mentioned 140 PS or the 120-Horsepower diesel engine are available as "Sport", the latter is 26,100 euros. At the diesel with 140 HP, the medium-sized equipment "Longitude" is standard, they rear parking sensors and 17-inch beer brings. All compass models except those with base engines at the factory have also a four-wheel drive. Jeep for the medium-sized diesel calls 31.200 euros, a nine-speed automatic is available for additional 2,000 euros in the list. This is the strongest each 170 HP standard motor, as the otherwise 2,500 euro expensive limited equipment with adaptive cruise control, two zone climate control and electrically operated tailgate. Price: 35,000 euros (gasoline) and 37,200 euro (diesel). A special place occupies the "Trailhawk". This compass variation is designed specifically for the site, and is available only with a 170-Horsepower diesel (38,500 euros). Off-road bumper with larger angle of repose, a skid plate and a gear reduction to help adventure in nature. (rh)